Bug / Feature Requests for New App (SmartThings Samsung Connect)

App version = 1.7.16-25
I would love to move to the new app…

  1. so that I would not have to have two apps installed

Issue: the old app has Routines that allow geo-fencing and control of arm/disarm of Smart Home Monitor.

I have been able to reconfigure SHM in the new app, yet still, no Routine to control the arm and disarm for when someone arrives. This is a CATASTROPHIC failure for smartthings.
Please do NOT disable the old app until this is resolved, i’ll be forced to leave smartthings and find another devices that works as it should. this is very frustrating to even have to deal with being that it has worked great until the new app, which actually looks nice, it just fails to deliver SHM routine control. Please resolve ASAP, and give all users a notification of it being fixed. I have read that many others are frustred with this issue and trying to find a work around, but has become very cludgy to do so.

Posting this here is pretty much speaking into the void. Voice your requests though support or app reviews.

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Ha ha good luck on that one! :grin: