New Smartthings App and Harmony Smart App

Dear Smartthings… Thanks for deciding what you want me to run or not. Removing the Harmony smart app from the New App was a Mistake. I have had Smartthings for Years. I’m removing ALL smartthings from my house and install the Hubitat hub. You lost my Scenes, Devices and all my configurations in the conversion. I called and email support and your answer was basically Oh Well sorry and just recreate them. Well if you would actually do something worth while like maybe… let us backup our hub so we can restore. I do understand we don’t pay for this service and I do know that’s coming soon. To be honest really the only way to get any custom features to work you need to use WebCore. I’m waiting for you to block that also. At least with Hubitat it doesn’t use a cloud service and is maintained inside my network behind a firewall. I own it and control it and doesn’t depend on online servers.

Good Luck with the path your are taking.

Also I know you can use the classic app to get the connector through, but Alexa doesn’t see the Harmony devices it’s blocked in the new smartthings app because Smartthings doesn’t support Harmony anymore. Test it… Get the Harmony Devices in the New Smartthings App. Connect Alexa, Discover Devices. No Harmony devices.


@blake.arnold @Lars is it true that SmartThings isn’t supporting Logitech Harmony anymore? Is that going away?

You can’t add the “Logitech Harmony (Connect)” smartapp through the new app… With the classic app being discontinued, is there not going to be a way to integrate Logitech Harmony stuff for new users or for users who uninstall the app?

So many things are going away… :cry:


Harmony activities are treated as scenes now in Alexa and they should work fine.


2nd that question. Is Harmony gong to continued to be a supported integration @Lars ?

On the Alexa front, I’d recommend you just use the Alexa native skill. Many more features and you eliminate ST as a point of failure as the middleman.

When I was on the phone with support this was their exact words… “Open up the new ST App, go into Smart Apps then click on Add and search for Harmony.” So I did this and nothing showed up and told him that and his response was this . “Then we no longer support Harmony if it’s not in there we don’t support it”

Something is going on with Smartthings, things disappear and then appear and very slow even the weather is slow to update or maybe it’s just my phone

Unless you have webcore using harmony to trigger automations.

In November 2020 the Harmony skill in Alexa stopped working for my Echos, with an error about an unresponsive Harmony server. Since I decided that all I really wanted was to turn on and off Harmony activities (and not invoke my fav cable channels), I deleted this skill and just relied on SmartThings to propagate Harmony’s activities to Alexa. This was reinforced by the new SmartThings app’s inability (failure) to select which of its devices will sync to Alexa (need to check if this has been fixed), so they were already in Alexa by default.

As mentioned above, the Logitech Harmony (Connect) smartapp wasn’t in the new SmartThings app back then (Nov 2020). So I had to go the route of starting with the Harmony app to add SmartThings, which then pushed this integration out to SmartThings.

Funny thing, a couple of days ago I noticed the Logitech Harmony (Connect) in my list of SmartApps - which I don’t recall seeing late last year. This SmartApp allowed me to to select which Harmony activities I wanted in SmartThings. So I was able to have my very recently created activities propagated into SmartThings, and these new activities showed up at the bottom of the SmartThings app device list, ready to be moved into a SmartThings room. HOWEVER, it didn’t delete the old activities, so had to manually delete them