Logitech Harmony Hub not in the new application

I have not seen any new updates on this topic so I figure I would start one. I currently have four Logitech Harmony hub to control all of my televisions. Which all were integrated with Smartthings in the classic apps and working very well. Which I then had Smartthings integrated with Google Home and then I was able to turn on and off all of the televisions with my voice. Just recently all of Logitech stop working with Smartthings in turn stop working with Google Home. So my question is does Smartthings support plan on not putting Logitech back into the new application? If it is not Smartthings responsibility do they plan on telling Logitech? If not what do we need to tell Logitech so we can let someone know about the problem? If there is a solution it would be nice to know what it could be. Silent I don’t think is the answer to a solution hoping that people would stop talking about it. I would think you would want to keep your customer happy.

Yes even though you add it thru the Classic apps it will not show up in Google Home. So that is useless. But thanks for the reply.

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Edit: see post below

Negative ghostrider. Can’t find anything from my secondary hub in GH passed through from ST. My primary hub shows as activities connected to the hub they’re from. In Alexa, they do pass through as Scenes. I’m afraid Raymond is correct.

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Yes it does but I have four Harmony hubs and when you connect directly to Google Home it will tell you it only allows one hub to be connected. That really only helps if I want to just talk to just one hub.


Indeed and they also only connect one hub.

In Alexa they have a special second hub skill for overachievers like me with two of them. OR you can just pass through the activity switches.

Without that second hub skill for GH thats no dice so it would have to be the switches. If those aren’t there you’re just SOL.


I don’t remember, did they pass through in the old GH skill? (I really only had it connected for voice commands while on Android Auto so I cant remember if I had them available before ‘upgrading’ the skill

I don’t remember. I always had mind pass through ST up until recently. When I started trying different things to get all of my hubs working again. I have open a support ticket with Logitech on the issue but don’t know if it is going to get anywhere.

PM me your ticket id with Logitech. Ill get one opened today and reference yours.

Ticket Number : 4060497

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@nathancu This is what Smartthing support said below.

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support,

We are sorry to inform you that currently Harmony hub is currently not supported with the new SmartThings App.

I definitely agree that adding Harmony hub to the new SmartThings app would make a huge improvement to the SmartThings experience. However, I’ll be making sure to reach out to our development teams with that feature request. I don’t know timelines for new integrations or features, but the bit of good news I can give you is that the majority of these features are on our radar and we on the support team are looking out for every request to make sure this feedback is heard. I feel like we’re on a good path to reach the functionality that you’re looking for, and I really appreciate all your honest feedback and support for SmartThings so far!

Let me know if you have any other quires on SmartThings. I’m always happy to help.

Samsung SmartThings Support

@blake.arnold Another urgent miss. As soon as people cant add back Harmony integration. I dont know who had the responsibility of building the integration and I suspect its on Harmony. You guys need to reach out through your partber resources and put your foot on the gas, man.


Not suprised. Theyre claiming not supported on basically everything they didn’t write.

This whole thing with SmartThings breaking stuff without a suitable replacement is getting really tiresome. They claim these things are to make the platform better and more responsive, but have we seen any of that?

Echo Speaks was to shut down 2 days ago, and that was reportedly the biggest performance drain on their systems. Has anyone seen the platform being more responsive?

The legacy Alexa skill was to shut down 2 days ago. Has anyone seen their Alexa routines firing faster? That was the main purported benefit of the new skill, as noted that “The new Alexa Skill and Action on Google integrations include faster response times, more devices, and the ability to control multiple locations.”

I use Harmony with multiple hubs. Yet more functionality being lost in the new app. They’ve been working on the new app for years and there are many, many things that are steps backwards with the new app.

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Several people have reported in the forum that everything was much faster today. That wasn’t everybody, but it was multiple reports. FWIW.

(and of course it could also have been a lighter load because some people were off-line because they are still working through the migration.)