New Smartthings app and Android 10

Not sure if this is related to the Android 10 issues or not, but a bunch of my simulated switches I created in the IDE for WebCore are all now showing offline (only in the “non-classic” app). All webcore functionality is intact, but all of my IDE created devices are now showing offline. Anyone have an idea what’s going on? I asked Samsung Support, but they basically told me that since the IDE is for developers, they can’t support anything I do on there (nevermind the fact that to fix another issue, they had me make some changes in the IDE).

I’m having issues with the Smart Lock Guest Access app not working on Android 10.

From SmartThings support (regarding my issue mentioned above):

Dear Samsung Customer,

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

We are deeply sorry you are experiencing issues with SmartThings. This is related to an issue on our end for Android 10 and we are working hard to resolve this. We thank you for your patience.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards
Samsung SmartThings Support.

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Good to see that Samsung have acknowledged the issue and are working on it.

I found a workaround for people trying to connect a new device to Alexa.
I used an old tablet laying around. It said SmartThings wasn’t compatible so I found the APK on the web. i was able to get my new tv connected to my account. Then I downloaded Alexa on that tablet and got the tv connected to Alexa. So now I can control my TV.

Hi all,

Here’s a working workaround if you have the stomach for it. I’m assuming that you have the stomach for tinkering and trusting third party APK providers.

  1. Remove SmartThings – NOT SmartThings Classic, which seems to still work.
  2. Remove your SmartThings account from Android Settings --> Accounts
  3. Using a tool such as APK Pure, which you will need to grant third-party app installation permission for and to, search for their repository of SmartThings app APK files. Click the “Version History” button and install an old version of SmartThings – very old. I chose 1.6.05-045, Nov 1, 2017.
  4. After it’s installed, open it, and grant all the permissions it requests. After a moment of syncing, your locations and devices will appear.
  5. You probably will notice that very few of them work and that controllers cannot be downloaded. The app can now be updated to the current version, which will then MOSTLY work – you will at least be able to see and control / modify most devices & automations.

No guarantees on this one – I totally cowboyed this “solution” and it is most imperfect. For example, you wind up with a mostly blank main screen because most of your favorites are gone. But you can see everything again, and that’s better than what Samsung appears to be shoveling currently.

Brian D.

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Thanks! These steps helped me connect my Pixel 3 phone with Smart TV 7 Series 2019.

This does seem to be affecting people only with a Pixel 3. I have both a 3 and a 3 Xl and have had this issue since the moment I moved over to the 10 beta.

FYI… SmartThings app ver 1.7.37 for Android has been released. Did it resolve the Android 10 issue?

Made no difference, although wasn’t expecting it to as no mention in release notes.

Progress for me with 1.7.37-25. After restarting the app, my groups and devices are back on my home screen and the device statuses update. New issue is that if I click on any of my devices, the app crashes. But having the devices + status visible vs. a blank home screen is a small step of progress.

I managed to get it working by clearing both App data and Cache.
Still a bit flakey though and crases sometimes.

Pixel 2 xl latest ver allows me to log in, won’t download applet hw-q90r so i can’t control it. Crashes with lifx sometimes

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