New Smartthings App and Accuweather Missing?

I’m using the Smartthings Classic app and the AccuWeather for some of my automations/SmartApps. I notice the new Smartthings app does not seem to support Accuweather? Am I missing something?


Hello, @tboyers

SmartThings is constantly updating the SmartApps catalog of One App. if needed you can install the SmartApp using the Classic App and access it through One App for possible future updates.


Can you elaborate on that process for me?

Hi, @dare2smile

Do you mean connecting AccuWeather service and enable the SmartApp?

Yes! Using the Classic app and seeing it in the new one? I’ve recently deleted the Classic since I’m too new to need it.

Sure @dare2smile

SmartApps installed through the Classic app are accessible at the installed SmartApps list of One App. This applies for the Automations at Marketplace/SmartApps in the Classic app.

I’ve elaborated an image example using the AccuWeather integration:

Hope this info results useful to you,

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Seems a little strange to me the new app has less functionality than the classic… I installed the new and seem like I’m going back to the old often.

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I must be thick as a brick. I have Accuweather installed in Classic. In the new app, ther does not appear to be a way to access it. It doesn’t show under installed SmartApps, and is not avaialble for automations. It seems I need to hang on to classic a bit longer.

I’m in the same situation. I’ve migrating to the new app, but can’t do anything with AccuWeather in the new app. Seems the device needs updating. It’s very full featured, those I mostly just use the current outside temp.

I wish they would release the source - the device could be updated. It’s still usable in WebCore, and I guess you could have webcore set a virtual device.