Is AccuWeather Broken in the Classic SmartThings App

Good Morning. I am trying to add the AccuWeather Connect app to my location and getting an error. Has anyone tried to perform a fresh install recently?

OK, so I tried opening the “New” app and I see 15 instances of the AccuWeather app, but none work and I cannot remove them.

Remove them from the IDE under My Location -> Click on Installed SmartApps next to your location

@RBoy thanks for the reply. AccuWeather is not listed there. Does it matter that it’s part of the “new” app and not the classic app?

Yep, that would explain it. The only way to remove apps installed from the new app would be through the app itself or contact ST support.

In the image you posted for the edit screen, did you click on any of the accuweather devices and scroll to the bottom of the screen where you should see Delete Device.

The link is there but it does not work. The device will not delete.

Bummer, so lame.