Accuweather not working in new app

Been playing with the new app this weekend to start switching over. I can’t get my accuweather app to work. Went into settings/linked services and it Is there. Even clicked on it and went through It. But my tile for accuweather doesn’t work. Any ideas? It looks like the new app doesn’t have a local weather smartapp yet. Or I’m going to the wrong place to find it. It looks like when setting up a smartapp I can select accuweather but when doing an automation accuweather is not an option. Help please.

Look here…

@GSzabados - Look where? No link,

The topic title is a clickable link. :sunglasses:


Thanks @JDRoberts!

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After reading through those Accuweather threads, I decided to instead install the ‘SmartWeather Station Tile’ device through the SmartThings Groovy IDE. I also made an Automation using this Weather Station device as the trigger, but the Automation hasn’t ran yet since the outside temp criteria hasn’t reached 70 this morning to advise me that it’s time to start closing up windows to lock the cool morning air inside before it starts getting warmer outside.

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Thanks the SmartWeather Station tile will do the trick I think. Wish they would of made that easier to do from the app.

unfortunately accuweather seems to not be in the new app and even the smart weather tile shown above is missing 80% of the information it showed in the old app. Apparently the default device handler for this has not been updated.

At least in the android app i get get the stuff shown above in today in your picture only the 3 things on the left.

I figured out how to get accuweather to show up in the new app. In the IDE, edit the accuweather device. Change the Type from “Accuweather Device” to “accuweather.” It then showed as a device and could be used in automations. Temperature is messed up though. It shows my house as 66 C / 158 F. I can attest that it is 66F here, so the C/F setting is fubar.

I’m seeing the same behavior

Seems like they have the units mixed up.

I took your suggestion and changed it to accuweather in the same manner. it worked

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