Weather report on the dashboard,dont find accuweather

i tried to install Accuweather by the guide.
the app is installed on my iPad/iphone, but i don’t find it under “marketplace->SmartApp->ClimateCiontrol” only “virtual thermostat, keep me…, its too cold, smart humidifier, humidity alerts, Thermostat mode…”.

so first, why?
second, what the alternative?


Where are you located?

so it means the reason is the location support?

That would be my guess.

Just a guess though.

another alternative for this? :blush:

What’re you trying to do?

to see the weather in my city on the dashboard

Marketplace/Climate Control

i dont have nothing there that link to weather outside

Go to marketplace > Climate Control > AccuWeather Connect

Then go to SmartApp AccuWeather Connect and enter your zip code or city name and click on save

You should get a thing in My home / Things that looks like this

I believe the issue the OP is experiencing is that he can’t see the accuweather smartapp as an option to install.

@milandjurovic71 are you in the US?

Yes, I am.

When you say “On the dashboard” what do you mean? Do you mean the actual dashboard? Or do you mean “My Home”? Cause I have never head weather on my dashboard but you can add to My Home through Accuweather connect or other means.

Ok then.

My guess is that the OP can’t install the accuweather smartapp because he’s not in the US.

I suppose we need someone not in the US to help clarify whether it’s just not available for all non-US users, or the OP needs to touch base with support because a smartapp isn’t showing up in the marketplace that should be.

You can add it on dashboard too, by managing favorites

Yeah…that adds the button to your favorites panel…but I thought he meant another panel with actual information on the weather and not just the temp.

As Mark pointed out, the Marketplace for SmartApps differs between the US and the UK/EU and Accuweather may not be available.

FYI: Someone had accidentally deleted their SHM in the UK and we told them to go back to the Marketplace under Safety & Security. LOL it’s not available in the UK version to reinstall it.

Maybe this one would work for non-US users