New SmartThings App - Add SmartApp only show custom apps

I have the same issue in the UK. Does anyone have any new SmartApps available to add in the new app?

same for Caribbean

It is possible to add SmartApps through the beta version of the SmartThings Dashboard located at Under “Automations” you can add your old Groovy SmartApps from the SmartThings IDE page.


Well, I added a SmartApp today with no problem. Specifically a WeMo dimmer groovy app and everything is working great.

Thanks for this - it helps getting as far as “Tap ‘Done’ to continue to Devices.”, but I can’t see to have a ‘Done’ button, how did you configure devices?

In fairness, so far I only attempted the setup as I am about to choose and purchase a thermostat, and wondering if Tado would work before I purchase as I’d prefer it across other options!

edit: found an answer to this here FAQ: Did we lose the ability to add custom smartapps after the app update of June 2021? - #6 by jkp and it worked perfectly! - thanks @jkp :slight_smile: