New SmartSense Motion Sensor

I was about to buy a SmartSense Motion Sensor, but couldn’t find it on the SmartThings website. The Iris one I have now eats through batteries.

I then noticed that there’s a new version on Amazon as of July 16, not yet for sale.

Do you think it’s improved? It says it’s smaller.

It might be related to this

Not sure why these links won’t preview well anymore. but these are available at the ST Shop:

Current model and 2015 Model



10 char

I noticed something different about my new Motion Sensors too, I got one with the original Hub v2 I purchased and it is in the Devices listing as;
model: 3325-S
manufacturer: CentraLite
endpointId: 01

I then purchased a 2 pack during the recent sale and it is listed as;
model: motionv4
application: 19
manufacturer: SmartThings
endpointId: 01

They are slightly different size and I only noticed a difference when in the device listing page it said something about checkInterval:, That is a new value/property listed on the newer ones. Both are in the main device listing as “SmartSense Motion Sensor” but clearly they are different.

Waiting to see how it impacts my system.

Wonder if they are any more reliable. Mine fall of the network semi regularly. And the battery compartment sucks, the new one any better?

I recently purchased 5 from the Samsung site a week ago and some from Amazon about a month ago. I have not used the new ones yet. No idea if the ones I have are the new new ones or the new old ones.

Left = Amazon 1+ month
Right = SmartThings site, 1 week ago.

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Detector “eye” is very different, the clear one is the newer one. And of course a different battery. Really how hard would it be to standardize those? Even the tiny iris motion sensor could use a cr2450 with a bit of electronics repackaging. It is much higher capacity at least. 620 vs 1000mah.

Edit: More than twice as expensive for the capacity. Checked for pany’s on digi-key only though.

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I’m so glad you pointed out the increase in battery capacity. As soon as I saw that I ordered one.

I understand it’s not a 1:1 increase in mAh/cost but anything that causes me to change batteries less frequently is worth my money.

Cheers to this upgrade!!


My Iris motion sensor isn’t a battery hog at all. Maybe yours is defective and you could try to exchange it at lowe’s. Overall I think it’s a nice little motion sensor.

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If it’s doing a led display cycling colors it’s in demo mode and you need to either pull the battery, or possibly re-pair it. There’s a thread on here somewhere about that device that mentions this.