New Motion Sensor verse Current Differences?

Is there a comparison between the current (I think version 2) motion sensor and the latest one coming out from ST? I know the size has changed, but other then that does it have wider/longer range, better battery life, or more stable.

Meaning should I have a reason to upgrade to the newer devices or was it just cosmetic upgrades?

I might have missed a thread on this topic if you could help point me to it…

Patients answers my own questions…

I second this. I am looking to get into some more Motion Sensors and the original (non-Samsung branded) are still available. However, as still have a v1 Hub I want to make sure that the new Samsung branded sensors will work with the “older” hub.

I just got v2 and old sensors still work. Be sure to press reset and insert battery to repair (took me awhile to google that one)

What about the other way around: New Sensors… Old Hub…?