Has everyone seen the next generation SmartThings?

(Ben Edwards) #1

We’ve updated a few devices and they are now available for sale. You’ll find a new (ZigBee-based) SmartSense Moisture, a new SmartSense Motion, and a new SmartSense Open/Closed. All are available in multi-packs. For more on what is changed in each device, check out the blog.

Calibrating temperature for new (2014) SmartThings SmartSense Motion Sensor
(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2


Just curious… why do you think anyone would opt to loose the accelerometer function of the multi to save just 4 bucks. Is there some other advantage to the new open/close device?

(Ben Edwards) #3

It is smaller. And battery life should be improved. If you know you are putting it on a door, I don’t suspect people will care about losing the accelerometer. Giving up a little flexibility down the road for a possible change in use for a device that lasts longer between battery changes and will likely remain in place forever could be worth the difference in price. Also the SmartSense Multi is likely to go up in price VERY soon — to $54 I believe.

(Ben Edwards) #4

And it happened, just now.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #5

My feeling is ‘door’ not so much, especially if it is one that will be knocked upon. But window, smaller definitely better (as is batt life).

Suggestion for next iteration: contact inputs. Things like bay windows with three or more windows close together… one wireless sensor in the middle, nearby windows use wired contact sensors connected in series with it. Also makes retrofitting existing hard wired sensors a breeze.

Smart, huh? (c;

(Geko) #6

$45 for a contact sensor and $49 for a moisture sensor? Really? That’s ~50% over competition. I thought ST was acquired by Samsung, not Apple. :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #7

We’ve said from the beginning that we expect prices of these devices to fall — and we still do. It just isn’t happening as fast as we suspected or wished. I think at the scale we will be able to do in the future we should see some dramatic price drops.

(Ben Edwards) #8

I like the sentiment. Would want to think about how the device would look in practice. Could also see some sort of glass break sensor that could be really small and detect noise or vibration. We aren’t done I don’t think, with devices but these new ones are a good start.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #9

LOL, couldn’t the accelerometer accomplish this with a SmartApp designed to look for some threshold of movement.

(Ben Edwards) #10

That is what I was thinking with vibration. Though I would like to see it much smaller. Size of magnet side of Open/Closed.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #11

Maybe, but it seems wasteful to have to use two radio equipped devices to do both open/close and glass break.

(Alex Christensen) #12

There is no mention of external power/Zigbee repeating on the new motion sensor?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #13

Because it doesn’t have usb power.

(Ben Edwards) #14

That is because the new SmartSense Motion does not have repeating capabilities. It can not be plugged in. The battery life should be much longer, the housing does not need a screwdriver to open it, and it can be mounted easier. We found only 5% of the people who had the device were using the plugged in capability and so it wasn’t a priority to continue.

(veni) #15

Does this basically mean that this motion sensor will no longer be available for purchase at ST?

(Geko) #16

So to sum it up, we’ll get less features for more money. Looks like Sammy is squeezing someone’s nuts to get the profit margins up. :smile:

(Rob) #17

If you guys have any of the old motion sensors collecting dust in your warehouse i’m happy to take them off your hands :wink:

i just ordered two of the new moisture sensors… i was so close to ordering the fortrezz ones the other day, i’m glad i waited!

(George Sudarkoff) #18

I am curious too, why no light sensor in your new motion sensor? Temperature is cool, but I want my lights when I’m in the room and it’s dark regardless of what the temperature is :smile:

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #19

While I doubt that’s the case, for the record I am unhappy with the new motion detector as I was among that 5%. Not thrilled seeing the price increases either as I felt the existing pricing was too high. My feeling is these things should be getting more sophisticated and less costly, and not the other way around.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #20

But it’s not like these are the only motion sensors to work with ST? The market will bear the pricing out. If they don’t sell, they will lower the price and clear them out, fix the issue and make a cheaper and/or better one.

If they do sell, volume will drive pricing down… Not seeing the new ones, but my guess is the old ones were OEM and the margin for ST was probably pretty low. These look OEM as well, but I’m guessing they were able to negotiate much better pricing so much better margins. Better margins means better revenue, better revenue means more R&D…

All these devices were probably don’t well before the Samsung purchase, so if you don’t like this round, just wait for the next round, which should be (hopefully) ST built?

Of course I could be wrong… It happened once, but then I found out it was a mistake.