Samsung SmartSense Motion not detecting motion

I recently purchased the Samsung Smartthings Home Monitoring kit which comes with a SmartSense Motion detector. It is connected to the hub and it shows up on the Smart Home Monitor app just fine. I am able to see it as one of my “things” and it tells me the room temperature but it never detects any motion, ever. I’ve got it set up in the Security Smartapp to send push notifications but it never recognize motion. I’ve disconnected, reconnected, reconnedted manually from the hub but still no dice.

I just got another motion sensor from the Samsung site but it looks slightly different. On the back it says “SmartThings Motion Sensor” as opposed to the other one that came with the kit called “SmartSense Motion”. Now the SmartThings Motion Sensor works like a champ and recognizes motion with no problem. I have it set up the exact same way as the Smartsense so I’m not sure why one works and the other doesn’t. Anyone have an idea? Thanks!

The Motion Sensor is on the left/SmartSense on the right:

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Were you able to get this working? I’d recommend contacting if not.

Hi Tyler…thanks for checking on this. Unfortunately no, the SmartSense still does not detect motion. At this point it has to be a defective unit. Setup is straightforward and easy that I cant imagine what I could be missing especially since I got the Motion Sensor to work no problem.

I’ll contact Samsung support and see what they say.

I’ve had several of the ones you are havnig issue with go bad on me. More than normal I’d say for some reason. I went through a spat of them working, not working, return, repeat, ad nauseum,

I finally contacted support who set up a return for me and replaced them with the ones you are seeing success with. Those newer ones work perfectly. So I’m sure support can help you out!

You guys are great. I contacted Samsung and they sent me out the newer motion sensor and it worked like a champ. No problems at all. Those older smartsense detectors just don’t seem to be very reliable.