New Schlage Connect wrong type/issues with Guest Access

This is a much of a general gripe, as well as a hopeful solution to others.

I bought a new Schlage Connect lock to replace a similar one (few years older, but same model).

Of course with subtle changes in firmware and what not I’m sure it was not identical to the one it replaced even if it looked identical.

When I booted it up and tried to add codes to it via Guest Access, just like I had with my old one. However it was not showing up as an available lock. I could see and use it in the rest of the app, so I know it worked. I googled for about an hour. All sorts of random solutions that just didn’t seem to be applicable to me(and they are also months old).

I DID fix it finally, and it was through accident I saw the issue. When looking through the IDE, I noticed it was set as Type:Z-wave Lock without codes. Not sure why Smarthings assigned it this type by default, but luckily the solution was just to edit it, change the type to the default Z-Wave Lock type, and walaa, I get notification spam that new lock codes were added to the lock(the built in ones) and I was the able to create custom codes again in Guest Access.

Hopefully this will help someone, and can anyone explain why it would assign a “works with Smarthings” lock that clearly says it can use Guest Access as a no code lock?

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SmartThings dropped support for the Schlage Connect (BE469ZP) due to a firmware bug which is causing issues like missing notifications and missing usage notifications from many users.

If you’re looking to use this lock with SmartThings, while you can use the stock DTH you mentioned it can lead to inconsistent notifications, missing notifications or partial notifications, you may want to check out this Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler that has a patch and workaround for the firmware bugs built into the DTH:

I’ll check it out I never really had issues with my first Schlage, bought it about 6 years ago.
Does that handler integrate with the stock Guest Access smartapp?

Yes it does, it’s needs a slight tweak to the name for some users as explained in the first post of that topic. However, if you’re using the DTH you might also look into this app which can do a whole lot more than Guest Locks and is hardier than SLGA: [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)