Schlage BE469ZP not returning user codes in IDE

Hi all,

I bought two BE469ZP smart locks last week and have connected them to SmartThings no problem. Through the new app, I can lock/unlock the doors no problem. I’m using ethayer’s Lock Manager to manage the locks and set user codes; the codes get pushed to the locks no problem.

I’m running into issues, however, where SmartThings isn’t receiving an identifier back from the locks as to which code was used to lock/unlock or the method used to lock/unlock (i.e. manually turning the deadbolt vs. code entered on keypad vs. system). Every event returns a “null” method and “0” code used regardless of how I lock or unlock the door (worth noting that the IDE sees that there are codes set). I’ve tried using both the basic “Z-Wave Lock” and “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” device handlers within SmartThings with no luck. I know ethayer has a device handler, but using that results in the lock reporting nothing at all.

Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks.

You may be running into the BE469 firmware bug which causes a loss of user notifications. There’s patch for it in this DTH update:

Is the firmware bug a pervasive issue on all instances of the BE469ZP? I have a friend with the exact same lock, our IDE pages look the same (same firmware version, same Z-Wave version number, etc.), and his IDE returns the codes (e.g. he sees the “number of entries” in Lock Manager and I don’t).

Yes it’s a bug in the firmware (all versions) but it’s has a dependency on the mesh (which is why it’s taken us so long to discover it). Under certain conditions, the messages are sent and/or arrive in an out of order manner and that’s when the trouble starts. The link above explains it a little more but in short you can face this problems one minute and it maybe okay the next. It depends on other devices in the mesh, the mesh health and interference patterns which cause re-transmissions or route changes which can then cause the lock run into this bug. You can try adding some buffering devices which may alleviate the issue but you may still into the firmware bug.