New Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor - Pet immune?

Does anyone know if the new Samsung Smartthings Motion sensor is pet immune and can you set the sensitivity? I am planning on ordering 8 of them, but want to see if this was added to the newer model. I believe the previous model didn’t allow for pets and you couldn’t set the sensitivity. Thanks in advance!

they aren’t currently immune, and if there’s an adjustment for sensitivity in there the community isn’t aware of it.

they are configured for pet-immune by putting a hat over the sensor.

seriously I’d just try masking it, or making a sleeve-guided detection zone. But they are still supersensitive like people that missed out on the hub bundle code.


Thanks for saving my $$$$. I can attest that the old ones are anything but pet immune. Wife is really getting tired of the cat turning on all the lights at night. BUT if I shut them off at night we are left in the dark if one of us has to get up in the middle of the night ( which she normally does)

Is there a motion sensor that you would recommend that has good range on motion, reliable against false alarms, reliable with sensing motion, temperature, and pet immune?

The fibaro’s are at least adjustable, there’s even a very nice community device for them.
But they’re $60 each, you get what you pay for…

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I was thinking about trying the monoprice ones. Are they any good considering I will be buying 8 of them?

I second @Mike_Maxwell. Fibaros have been the best but not immune to unwarranted alerts. If you want to go non-ST multi featured porch lights/motion/camera then check out kuna lights (not integrated to ST). I seriously hope ST and Kuna’s get integrated somehow.

Fibaro and Ecolink are my favorites. The Ecolink sensors are much cheaper and you adjust the sensitivity with a jumper. The Fibaro sensors are much nicer and have many configuration options. They also sense temperature, vibration, and luminance. I’m planning to use mostly Fibaro for indoors and use Ecolink sensors for outside.

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I have 3 Ecolink and they work well with my cat.


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OK, so for idiots like me who “assumed” I could make the Smartthings motion detector NOT look at the floor and pick up motion from a small dog and cat… has ANYBODY successfully figure out a way to mask them or mount them in such a way as to be happy? Am I going to need to sell them? I’m not used to having motion sensors that can’t handle pets… To me, having that adjustment/ability is a basic prerequisite of any motion detector.

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Not I. My dog set off my sensor all the time, no matter where I put the thing-- high, low, angled, not. Of course, now the sensor doesn’t work at all (after one week of use), but I think that’s because I got a bum sensor.

I’ve got 3 of the new sensors for sale then… if anyone wants them. They are completely useless to me, as they are way too sensitive for any pets no matter what I do.

I successfully masked the 2nd gen, (I think?)/unit which came in my 2.0 bundle. I didn’t like it triggering part of my theater for lights. 3M foam tape worked great, and since the sensor opening is concave, you can really block certain areas nicely.

The latest sensor with the tiny off-center opening is not so easy, and you’d really need to build a sleeve or blinder somehow. Definitely not ideal for pets out of the box.

Why not get the older Aeon globe sensor? You could easily mask that with great control.

i’m still hoping the new centralite sensor has user configurable sensitivity.

I think the only way would be a cam based motion sensor or an intelligent camera based motion sensor that can identify objects/people/animals, I feel we’re very nearly there with the latter…

I’m continuing to struggle with my 4 cats and 2 dogs setting off every motion sensor I’ve installed. Dialing back sensitivity on my Aeon sensors doesn’t help, not matter of positioning or masking the ST sensors helps. I’m now working with Sighthound for motion detection which can *kinda *differentiate between people and dogs and cats… but it takes 10 seconds to do so.

I think my next attempt is going to be a photoelectric sensor with a Z Wave dry contact device to see if I can’t make a “tripwire” somewhere above cat/dog height.

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We had an ADT alarm system until recently. I got tired of only getting what ADT wanted me to have and paying for every change. As well as of the monthly payments and contract of course. What they did have, however, was a very nice motion detector that never falsely identified our cats as threats in the 2+ years we had it. It clearly “saw” people, as the indicator light always triggered when we walked through the detector area. I mention this because it means the technology to differentiate “well enough” exists, even without facial recognition capability. The SmartThings motion sensor should never be used as part of a system that auto-notifies the police (IMHO), especially if you have pets. I see a couple of posts indicating there are supported MD’s that are better at differentiating. Would you feel comfortable using them if the police were in the notification loop? I don’t want to either get charged for the false alarms or lose my right to a monitored system.

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Pet immune sensors are usually dual-technology. They combine passive IR and also Microwave detectors. You’re certainly not going to get that in a battery powered device, and I’ve yet to see anything Zigbee or Z-wave that offers this.


That’s incorrect. Both DSC and Honeywell have pet immune wireless motion sensors that are battery powered. However, you are correct in that there are currently no ST-compatible (Zigbee or Z-wave) motion sensors that have the intelligence and quality of DSC sensors.

I have a 60lb PitBull and have yet to find a motion sensor that wont detect her.