Recommend a Pet Immune Motion Sensor

Hi All!

I previously was using the EcoLink Pet Immune motion sensor (I have two cats). I am in need of a few more and went to purchase them, only to find out that they are sold out everywhere. I checked a boat load of shops and no one has them in stock. I’m not sure if they’re being discontinued or if there is just a supply/shipping issue at this point.

Are there any other Pet Immune motion detectors that are reliable? I know Fibaro makes a good one, however since it’s a multi sensor, it’s nearly double the price than what I was paying for a motion detector. Since I don’t need the other variables, it’s pointless to spend $60 and only use 1/4 of the features.

I’m open for suggestions if you have any!

Ecolinks are the best in my experience. I’ve had immunity issues with all of the others I have tried.

I hope the eco’s aren’t discontinued, if I neeeded more I’d probably email some of the vendors to see what’s up like the smartest house, etc

@JH1 @Jnick, I can’t say for 100% certainty, but the monoprice/GoControl motion sensors are rebranded Ecolinks, and they may work. I pulled one apart, and right below a small sticker on the circuit board was the word Ecolink.

The circuit board is almost the same, and even have the same jumper settings as the Ecolink. I picked up mine at Home Depot in a GoControl package with 2 open/close sensors and the motion sensor, I think for around $45. The motion sensor also reports temperature.

Have you checked Staples online: (Delivery Estimate: 4 business days)

Heck ya.

I would pick up a those monoprices if they work with the ST Z Wave Motion DT / DH…

21.99 is cheaper than I got my Ecolinks for on amazon, even in the three pack.

They can be used with the default device type, except you won’t get temperature. You’ll see it in the event log, but the default doesn’t have a tile for it. There are a couple community developed device types out there that work perfectly. Seriously though, for an extra ~$25-28, get the GoControl package and get 2 other sensors. That’s a pretty good deal too.

What’s interesting about these is that the packaging comes with the jumper, but the documentation is super lacking on where/how to use it. Like I said, I can’t be certain any pet immunity is part of this sensor, but at the price, trying won’t hurt too bad. If is doesn’t I’m sure there’s somewhere it could be used (garage, under a protected deck, crawl space, basement, storage room, front porch, under the roof eve by the back deck…)