Adjustable motion sensors

Hi All.

I’m looking to buy in to ST for some home automation, plus for security purposes.

I’ve read a reasonable amount, and found that not all sensors are adjustable. I’ve read that the Fibaro motion sensors can be adjusted (because I have 2 cats).

Would these be the best ones to look at, or are there any better motion sensors worth reviewing?

Already using a Hue system, so looking to link this into that, so any unwanted movement would turn lights on or flash etc.

Any guidance on best setup of ST with motion sensors etc for security, with cats in mind, would be appreciated!


The Ecolink motion detectors are Pet Immune (3 different settings).

They’re typically a little cheaper (sub-$40) than the Fibaro, but the Fibaro’s look cooler

I use the ecolink motion sensors. They work very well and react faster than the fibaro sensors in my experience. I have stopped using the fibaro motion sensor now

Thanks Stephen. Will take a look, I’m not after ‘cool’ looking, I’m after functional! :slight_smile:

I have both and prefer the Fibaro. I have experienced the exact opposite of Stephen. The Fibaro work better in my setup and the custom device type allows a lot more configuration options than the Ecolink.

It really comes down to personal preference. I got both to see which one I liked better.

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Agree with Jamie. It depends on personal preference.