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New Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor - Pet immune?

(Bobby) #21

Have you tried Fibaro sensors? You should be able to adjust its sensitivity to not detect your dog. Also Ecolink is pet immune.

(Paul Ockenden) #22

No, it was carefully worded :wink:

I said ‘most’ quite deliberately. And the second bit was certainly true - you’re never going to find a dual-tech (PIR+Microwave) battery powered device.

You /can/ get PIR only devices with a degree of pet immunity, but they’ll never work as well as dual-tech sensors, and can often be defeated by crawling very slowly.

(Michael) #23

Ah! Thanks for clarifying! :grin: While I would prefer the best motion sensor tech (PIR+Microwave), I’d be happy just to have a SmartThings compatible motion sensor that has good pet immunity for larger dogs. I’m not too worried about someone crawling slowly past the sensor when there are two large PitBulls in the house. Aside from security, I’m not able to setup motion-based automation (lights, wake-up routines, etc) since the current sensors pick up the dogs.

I’ll check out the Fibaro sensor Bobby. Thank you for the suggestion!

I’m also not limited to wireless sensors. The house is previously wired for security, so I could replace existing older sensors with say a wired DSC pet immune sensor… I just need to sort out how to power and how to get the “motion detected” signal back to SmartThings. Fortezz has a MIMO module that might work for this type of hack job until someone puts out a quality (pet immune) motion sensor for Z-wave systems.

(Felix) #24

What can they be used for then… other than a cat alarm


I just thought I would add my experience with the SmartThings motion sensor and pets. I bought the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit that comes with one of the Samsung SmartThings motion sensors. I also have a dog that weighs 75 pounds and 2 cats. I was able to make the motion sensor pet friendly by simply taking a piece of white electrical tape and covering about the bottom 1/2 of the sensor bulb. The white electrical tape blends nicely with the white color of the sensor, but any color electrical tape should work. I then placed the sensor about 5 feet off the floor. It is still very sensitive and has no problem detecting a person walking around the room, but with the tape on the sensor bulb it doesn’t pick up my dog or cats. I have had it installed this way for about 2 weeks and have not experienced any false triggers due to the pets. It took a few tries to get the placement of the tape correct to still pick up people but not the pets, but wasn’t too tough.

(Steven) #26

What happens when a person is crawling around?


What happens when a person is crawling around?

I seriously doubt that a burglar is going to crawl around inside the house and if they are more than 4 feet tall the motion sensor works. They would first have to get in without tripping the door sensors, and without setting off the glass break sensors, and then they would have to know that the motion sensors are there in the first place and then they would have to know that they could crawl around to defeat them. Pretty unlikely in my opinion. A motion sensor that works from about 4 feet above the floor to the ceiling is better than not having one at all or one that goes off so much due to pets setting it off that it is totally ignored. I’ll take the chance and use the motion sensor as I described with the tape mod.

(Mark) #28


Found your reference with a google search since you provided no link and in my opinion it proves absolutely nothing. First of all the burglar was in their room at night when they were home, so motion sensors would not have been active anyway as it would have been in the “Armed(Home)” mode which doesn’t include motion sensors. Furthermore, the articles I found don’t even say if the family had any security type system at all, only that they had a nanny cam that captured the video.So, all we know is that he crawled in the bedroom. we don’t know if he crawled in the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc… We also don’t know if he would have set off a door sensor. For your story to have any relevance in my opinion you would need to show that he crawled to defeat a motion sensor. So my opinion is that your posted scare picture has absolutely no merit whatsoever in terms of the whole motion sensor and pets problem.

The fact is that the motion sensors are totally useless for owners of large dogs without sacrificing something. Whether you sacrifice the viewing area or the sensitivity, you have to sacrifice something and my solution works to keep them mostly effective. If you don’t like it then don’t use my solution.

My guess is that you don’t have a 75 pound dog if you bring this kind of stuff up.

Incidentally, for a burglar to get into my bedroom at night they would have to get past the door sensors, glass break sensors and that 75 pound dog. If any of those wake me up then I have a loaded and chambered 9mm in my nightstand and a loaded and chambered Remingtion 870 tactical shotgun with No.1 buckshot leaning against the wall next to me. My wife also has a loaded and chambered .380 in her nightstand.

(Mark) #30

My home is defended by our half beagle/half bassett hound mix. She weighs about 35 lbs, she’s super sweet though. And 0 guns.

Take a joke much?


Joke about security implementation? Not something I would even consider.

(Mark) #32

Where do you live?

You can keep it general, I don’t want to cause an undue security risk.


Buuuuut you put tape on your motion sensor. That’s a joke right?


No it is not a joke. The tape is there to limit the field of view a little bit so that it will not pick up my dog. I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand. I am not covering the entire sensor window, only enough to limit the field of view so that my dog is not detected and the remaining field of view still works and is as sensitive as without the tape.

(Mark) #35

And any intruder that’s crawling at dog-level…


Please give it a rest. Answer a few questions since you are apparently such an expert.

  1. So if I don’t limit the field of view and the motion sensor triggers, how the do I tell if it is an intruder that set it off or my dog???

  2. Please explain to me why an intruder would crawl when nobody is home as in Armed-Away mode?

  3. Then explain to me how a motion sensor that isn’t active matters at all, as in Armed-Home mode?

(Mark) #37

Sorry, I was busy training my beagle how to kill an intruder with cuteness. What was your question again?


Why do you insist on being a jerk when all that is trying to be done is to present an option for those that want to use the ST motion sensor when they have a large dog?

(Mark) #39

Not really trying to be a jerk, believe it or not. We just happen to majorly disagree on whether this is a topic that one can make jokes about.

Seriously though, would you mind sharing a little about how you came to decide it was necessary for your security system to include cameras, motion detectors, a guard dog and multiple loaded firearms? Do you have any kids in the home?


OK. The cameras came about mainly due to ground water problems believe it or not. Our house is in an area with wet ground and the sump pumps run a lot. I have 3 sump pumps, one primary and 2 backup with a standby generator to power them. I wanted a way to monitor this when away from home so I first got a cheap IP camera aimed at my sump pit that I can look at on my phone and see the water level, and I can also see water movement indicating the pump is pumping. More cameras came about because I found them fun.

The motion sensors came about also in large part because of the ground water situation. I decided on a ST system with a water sensor added to notify me if the water level in the sump pit rises above normal. I bought the starter kit that included a couple door sensors, a motion sensor, and an outlet. Since I had the ST motion sensor from the kit I needed to make it work

Again, I am somewhat a techie geek, so decided to expand the ST system and have added the glass break sensors and a few other things.

The 75 pound dog is simply our family pet. I prefer larger breed dogs.

The guns are for protection and also a hobby. I do have children in the home. My youngest is 16 and has been trained in firearm safety, both by me and in professional training. My oldest son is disabled and does not have the hand/arm dexterity to handle firearms safely, so he doesn’t have anything to do with the firearms. I bought my youngest his first .22 rifle for him when he was 9 years old. I bought him his first shotgun for skeet/trap shooting when he was 13. We shoot about twice per month in the summer months and that includes skeet/trap and handgun. My wife has also been trained. I don’t worry at all about my sons being around guns because they have been around them all of their lives and they aren’t “curious” about them because of this. If my son wants to shoot, all he has to do is ask.

I myself have several rifles and shotguns including the .22 rifle my father got me when I was about 9 or 10 years old. The handguns I have include some that I just felt were beautiful firearms and some for protection. The “beautiful” guns and the long guns reside in an 800 pond gun safe when not in use along with much of the ammo I have. The guns for protection go into the safe when we leave the house and come out when we get home.

We live in the country and crime is not that great. When break-ins occur near me it is generally when people are away from home. When nobody is home I don’t believe that an intruder is going to crawl all over the house to find stuff to steal. They are going to be running around to find things fast and get out. I also don’t think they are break in at low level coming through the wall below the windows or cutting out the bottom of the door. The only place to come in low that would not be detected by my modified motion sensors is the sliding patio door which is covered by a glass break sensor.

When someone is at home the system doesn’t arm the motion sensors anyway.That is where the other measures come into play.

I do not live in fear of intruders, but am just being as prepared as possible if the occasion arrives.