Pets triggering ST Motion Sensors

Hey everyone,

Pretty new to ST and just wondering if anyone has figured out a solution to pets walking around the house when no one is home and the system is set to away.

Other than pet immune motion sensors, is it possible to have the ST motion sensor not sense my dog ? Someone mentioned putting an arrival sensor on my dogs collar but I’m not sure how that would solve the problem.

Thanks in advance!!!

We have a 70 lb lab mix. Had to end up not using motion sensors while we are away during they day. Use them during the night since he’s in our room.

No go for cats as well. Security system motion sensors are calibrated to be slow to become active and not triggered by things like pets or shadows and never false alarm. Home automation sensors are calibrated to be fast for turning on lights and stuff. Usually these have short motion-to-active durations and sensitivity thresholds to keep response fast.

Even adjusting Fibaro motion sensors to be less sensitive or increasing motion time to activate is futile if you want to use motion for responsive automation. And even configured to be slow, Fibaro false alarms at times.

Until someone creates a motion sensor with dynamic sensitivity and active configurations based on armed/disarmed status, you’ll need different sensors for security vs automation.

I’ve had some success by simply angling the sensors to areas a few feet off of the floor.

Oh if only my cats stayed on the floor. I just accept I use armed stay when out during the day unless I know the cats are already outside in which case I override with my keyfob. And I use motion sensor detection of a night when the cats are closed off in their room (my cats aren’t nocturnal, they are more nocnothing as all they both do is sleep 24/7)

You can buy very small shelves and mount if you wish above the level of the tallest animal…

Shelves on Amazon that I bought