Can’t connect new SmartThings WiFi Plug

I have two brand new SmartThings WiFi Plugs 7A-PL-W-A1 I cant get them connected.

I had the old app and downloaded the new app. I can connect to the plug through the settings of the iPhone but then when I go back to the app it won’t connect. The plug is connected to the WiFi of the phone with the password 1111122222

I’ve reset, closed app, deleted old app. Restarted phone multiple times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

try resetting the plugs

What kind of WiFi system?

Did you get it to work. I am having the same problem.

I have the same issue. Cannot add a new smart plug (7A-PL-W-A1). If I connect my phone to the plug WiFi network, then the SmartThings app tells me it needs to be connected to WiFi to add a new device.

Any suggestions?

Samsung support told me (15Nov) that there was a known issue with the 7A plugs, that I should “just wait a couple of days” and developers would fix the issue and push out an updated version of the (new) app.

That’s actually why I just signed up and logged in here for the first time: Their response sounded like a way to get me off the phone and disappear, so I’m just now hunting for a “known issue” or for anyone else having the same issue. Haven’t had a chance to look around much yet, but it does sound like others are having the problem, and I haven’t found a fix nor official statement yet. Thanks all!

Similar issue. Cannot connect with an iphone, but can with a Samsung. Even so, the iphone can’t see the outlet.

any chance you have the beta 13.3 on your iPhone?

Currently downloading 13.2.3

I have the same issue and just received my new plug which is highly annoying. Not active or recognised beyond the setup.

Seems to be working on classic app though.

Any update on this? I can’t get this plug to work on either the New or Classic App.

Had the exact problem described here and just upgraded to iOS 13.3 and connected no issue.

Any updates? I just bought two new Smarthing plugs thinking there would be no problems connecting to my Smarthung hub. Bad idea?

Same here. Bought one last week and it paired fine. Ordered another 3 pack which arrived today and none of them will pair. I’m just getting the attached when I try to add it as per the instructions.

There’s a notice in the app some of you may need to check out to see if it helps

Any updates on this? Just purchased two of these outlets and can’t get them working. Are these outlets Wifi only? Or, are they z-wave also. I have the ethernet only SmartThings hub without wifi.

model number? ST has wifi and zigbee plugs but no z-wave. the wifi plug will work using the new app, not the Classic

Thanks for the reply. So, I need to convert over to the new ST app? I am using the classic app.

You can use both apps if you want. But eventually you will need to switch as the Classic app will be phased out at some point.

Will the new app see all my existing devices?