New Router on Ethernet Connection to SmartThings Hub

My SmartThings wifi hub is connected directly to my internet provider’s router via an ethernet cable.

I am upgrading my router but keeping my same internet provider. I’m sure the wifi SSID and password will change with the new router; however, since my SmartThings hub is connected directly to the router with an ethernet cable, will I simply be able to plug in the new router to the SmartThings hub without having to change any of its settings? I want to keep my SmartThings wifi network SSID and password the same as it is currently so I won’t have to change any settings of any of my connected devices. All of my devices are connected to my SmartThings wifi hub. Nothing is connected to my internet provider’s wifi SSID.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

If you’re hardwired, just plug and play

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That’s the answer I was looking for! Thanks.

Hi my friend, I just did it (switch from one TP-Link router) to the new router, but the hub is still not on line. Any tipo or idea my friend? Thanks