Use Hue Tap Dial Switch without Hue Hub?

Okay, admittedly stupid question. I bought two of the dimmer switch, originally I thought reading of some success with directly connecting to ST hub, and using custom DTH.

Is that possible with Edge? I may be beyond return point on these. and I’ve held off getting a hue hub for many, many years now. the only second hub allowed in my house is the Caseta hub, because the value of that just for lighting is immeasurable, and you don’t lose base lighting control just because of network outage since it is its own mesh.

I know there are a handful of ‘button’ drivers so far, targeting slightly different things. The ones I’ve found enabled my Moes 4-scene switch (which isn’t awesome, but it’s better than many other solutions, esp given the price), and the really cheap third reality single-button switches (press, doubletap, and hold actions). But as yet, none seem to identify the dimmer switch (it MAY have come up as a zigbee thing… I can’t recall, it was over the weekend and I gave up quickly…).



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you originally posted in a topic for an edge driver that requires the hue hub, so I’ve moved your question to its own thread to keep things on topic.

When you say hue dimmer, just to be sure, you mean model 562777 , the rectangle, not the hue tap dial model 578807 , the circle, right?



@iquix has an Edge driver that works with the Hue dimmer switches @JDRoberts mentions above. I don’t have the link to his channel to hand, but a search should find it.

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Yep. It’s on the list of edge drivers for remotes:


[BETA][Edge Driver] Hue Dimmer Switch / Hue Wall Switch Module (No Hue Bridge)

That one works with the rectangle and the inwall module (model 571166), but not the circle.

Yeah, my apologies. I knew I should have been more specific!

I DO mean the “tap dial switch” (amazing that you have to hunt on the box for their naming, don’t you print that big somewhere??).

I gave my daughter RGB smart bulbs for the overhead fixture in her room. I like the tap dial because you can do dimming AND scene/color selection in one.

Thanks to the community, I was able to get the “Moes Scene Switch” 4-button switch to work, so at least for the time being she has some better “button control” over her light (since google assistant doesn’t always do the right thing!).

But, I’d still like to eventually move to the tap dial, as ‘brightness’ is orthogonal to ‘color’, and while scenes MIGHT also have a default brightness, the ability to dial up/down is meaningful.

Thanks all!

(BTW, I’m a seasoned SW engineer. Haven’t spent much time in Lua, but if it >should< be POSSIBLE to wire up the tap dial, and it just needs someone to have one and put in effort, I might be willing to do so when I can carve out time – with some guidance from someone with experience developing new edge drivers.)

My driver supports all of the Hue switches and dials by integrating with the Hue hub. In my opinion, that hub and that ecosystem are the best in the smart home market. Very stable and fast.


Welcome aboard. :slightly_smiling_face:
As someone who was recently searching for a rotary switch, that doesn’t require buying additional bridge/hub hardware, I can say that the choices are limited. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive and feature-rich option that is similar to the Tap Dial, then take a look at Moes Zigbee Smart Knob. There is a DTH that has not yet been properly ported to lua, if you’re up to the coding task. If you get stuck along the way, there are some good people here to ask for help. Those coding questions are usually posted in the Developer Programs section.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely take a look at the smart knob. Also possible one of the drivers that covers the ‘tuya’ rebrands might already have support (or some support) for that.

Totally appreciate that POV. Good to know. But I have nearly a decade dedicated to zigbee and zwave direct devices (and few wifi devices now), decided I wanted to stay out of walled-garden ecosystems (admittedly broke that for Caseta, but very few smart controls are no-neutral-required!!).