Added another mobile presence device, wiped out all my stuff including hub!

I am trying to add my wife’s android as a second mobile presence device. Somehow upon login it overwrote everything now I have all my things not setup and when I try it says I have no hub! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where the little do not lose sticker is since I had it up and running I didn’t think I’d need it again. Any thoughts?

Have you looked at it on your phone?

Are you sure you’re using the same account?

Have you logged into the IDE to see if your stuff is there?

Have you tried rebooting your hub?

Looked on my phone…first showed all of them as unconfigured things.

Then checked IDE and a reboot. All gone!

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally create a new account? If so email hopefully they can help! I’m at 30 devices now I’d take me hours to get it all readded

Here are the four most common culprits if you don’t see anything in-app:

  1. Network connection problem. Try a different connection (wifi or cellular).

  2. You’ve accidentally navigated to another location. Open the left hand menu, click the dropdown arrow at the top next to your location name and select your main location.

  3. You’ve accidentally logged in on another account. Open the left hand menu, click My Account, and log out. Log back in with your main SmartThings account email address.

  4. (Least common) Your location was removed or reset. Open the left hand menu, click the gear at the top and scroll down to “Connect a Hub”. Enter your original 6 character welcome code when prompted.

Thanks Tyler, I think I’m on #4…I’ve checked the other ones. If I threw away the code (don’t ask I blame the wife) can I email support with the serial # on the bottom and my account?

Exactly. Send us an email and we’ll retrieve the code for you.

So #4 just happened to my father after I logged into his account from the app on my phone to setup a smart app for him. Sent an email to support asking for restore options but not sure about holiday support schedule. I’m guessing it’s naive to hope after 2 years a better cloud restore option will exist than to rebuild but trying to be optimistic. Either way I’ll need support for either restore or welcome code to start over…Timing really sucks as I’m only in town for a few days and trying to get number of things added for him before I leave. Is this a bug SmartThings is trying to squash? I realize frequency likely low but impact could be quite high. My dad didn’t have much yet (waiting on me his tech support) but if this happened to one of my locations, It’d be…really tough (as tough as such a first world problem can be, yes it’s Thanksgiving, I’m being thankful :p). Anyways curious if SmartThings knows why this happens has on their radar to prevent.