New Philips HUE devices

FYI, when I updated the Hue hub with the new firmware, ST could not control the lights. Power cycling the ST hub didn’t help, but after I power cycled the Hue hub, everything started working again.

O’ brother where art thou? :wink:

You had me thinking the hue integration was fixed. I grabbed my phone and wasted no time pulling up ST to see this miracle, but no…I opened an app that told me my hues were all on when in fact they were all off.

It seriously works 100% for me… One fine day I realized that I need to change my zigbee channel on that thing as I used to see tons of exclamation marks unreachable… I went with it. And it’s rock solid… The state is not near instant if switched on/off from outside the ST world… But will depend on how close you are to the 5 minutes polling. I have complained about this integration for nearly an year and for the past few weeks I have no reason to complain at least for the hues… And of course YMMV. And mind it I am not talking about new bulbs. Will know soon enough with adding newer bulbs…and the dimmers tomorrow.

I’m with @pd_ my Lutron Connected Bulb Remote paired with the Hue bridge and then I paired it with the Hue bulbs. I can control the bulbs with the Hue app and with the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote.

Interesting. Thanks for letting us know!

Took my V1 hues back to BB last night (only had for a week) and exchanged them for V2. While I haven’t done much with them, all seems the same with ST as before. However, I could not get echo to link up to the hue bridge, nor could I get ge link bulbs to connect to the hue. I only had a few minutes so they very well might work, but I didn’t have time to tinker. Changing colors with Siri was nice.

Has anybody seen just the new hue bridge available anywhere? Amazon lists it but has no shipping dates…

Philips 458489 Hue Bridge. Well the rumor is November, 1.

Are you using hues and family exclusively? Any particular reason at the same price, why not use the new Philips 458158 Hue Dimmer Switch. It comes with plate and the remote can be magnetically attached to it.

Or is the reason that you need the versatility to use it for multiple brands?

Back of the plate with magnets and stickies…The wall plates appear to be the same size as regular Lutron Claros… It’s pretty for sure… :wink:

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So far I’m only using the hue family bulbs. I prefer the look of the Lutron switches and in the future I’m thinking about to remove the hue bridge and connect everything on the smartthing hub. I like to have the switches as secondary controllers so I don’t really mind about the lack of support from smartthings (of course it would be better with the support as we could using it as remote control for different things).

Godspeed. May the force be with you.

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Of course! Your choice! Please for heaven’s sake don’t marry your hues directly! And again I am not disputing your thought… That you find the Lutron switches to be much better. Your preference. In my old home, zwaves are not an option due to lack of neutrals and of course lack of funds to run wires (returned 12 GE switches) and the Philips dimmer makes sense for me and I like the looks and practicality in my house. Hand it over to a guest, put it back in the wall plate. Works for me… I am an all out hues fan… :wink: once I have some money, will get the brighter hues and family and repurpose the old ones.

Has anyone heard whether there are differences between the old white (lux) bulbs and the new ones (white)?

I need a couple non-colored bulbs, but I’ve been trying to wait until the new ones arrive - from what I’ve seen, the new color (HUE) bulbs are out but not the non-colored ones…

I think they are brighter than the previous ones… And supports true whites (don’t ask me what that means…) :wink: the shape also has changed. At least the hues are brighter.

Thanks for the info - have you seen them in stock anywhere yet (online or local)?

I have not seen any of the new devices. :frowning: except for the dimmer remote/switches. I grabbed 6 of those before it disappeared on Amazon. BB still has it. I just want the bridge and it’s on preorder at Amazon. Rumor is November 1 and 33% off for existing owners at Philips and THEY WILL VERIFY! And I am talking hub only and not the kit. Lightstrip plus etc. are available in my local BB in jersey. I am malfunctioning and bed bound and so didn’t bother to check.

I am very much biased towards Philips. Growing up In India, it was only one of the international brands that we grew up with in early 70’s. And brownie points goes towards anybody who knows what “Murphy” is! Even in the remotest village which had an electric bulb, it was a Philips!

I swapped out my old hub for a new one and I only needed to relink the ST hue connect app for it to work.

On the downside, the Hue/HomeKit integration only works for the Phillips bulbs. I have some Cree and GE Link bulbs connected to my hue bridge and though they work with the hue app just fine they aren’t being exposed to HomeKit even though I told the hue app to do so.

Where did you get the new hub? Did you get the hub only?