Hue Starter Kit w/Smart Button and 60w equiv bulbs on sale

When hue smart bulbs were first introduced they were pretty dim. In particular, the white only bulbs were 60 W equivalents. Since then, Hue has introduced brighter versions, with the most popular probably being the 75 W equivalents.

Anyway, I’m starting to see deep sales on quite a few of the bundle kits that include the 60 W equivalents. My guess is that hue may keep the bulbs, but stop offering the bundles, but who knows. In any case, if you happen to want a hue bridge, an accessory, and some of the 60 W equivalent bulbs, you can get some really good deals right now.

Here’s one with the smart button. Note that this is labeled “old version“ but at least at the time of this posting the bridge is the newest version: the difference is the bundle has the 60 W equivalent bulbs instead of the 75s.

Also available with the RGBW bulbs for about $20 more. Again, these are the 60 W equivalents.