Phillips Hue just got a ton more affordable

(Tim Slagle) #1

50% more affordable that is!!

Check it out!

Who’s excited?!

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

This isn’t the standard hue bulbs, isn’t it a new line called lux? Doesn’t appear to support color changing?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #4

They’re warm white only; dimmable, of course.

(Tim Slagle) #5

No color changing. Dimmable. And half the price:)

I’m thinking about using these to fill my lighting gaps. I can fill the rest of my lighting needs for like $180 instead of $360 lol.

I’m excited!!

Also less expensive then a zwave switch:)

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #6

Might want to wait. I still have hopes the GE Links will work with the Hue bridge. I pre-ordered early, and mine should be here in a few weeks. I will keep you posted.

(Tim Slagle) #7

They aren’t available until late September anyways :). So definitely keep me posted!!

The links are available at home depot as of about a week ago in case you didn’t wanna wait.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #8

Not at my Home Depot. )c:

Do you have Hue? If so, any chance you can test one to see if it works with the bridge out of the box.

(Tim Slagle) #9

I could probably do that. Your thinking the hue hub will just find it automagically?

(Geko) #10

You can also get a starter kit with two bulbs for $99.95. The hub seems to be the same. Oh, and if you have friends at Apple, you can also get 10% employee discount.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #11

That’s what I am hoping. Both are ZLL certified; I’m not sure what that means other than they will play nice together.

(Tim Slagle) #12

I was reading up on light link and they say it is “interoperable”. Lol

(Cory S) #13

I keep an eye on Amazon for used Hue bulbs. I have bought 10 of them so far for about 40% off.