New Philips HUE devices

I got a starter kit at a local Best Buy. I figured I could use the three additional bulbs. Doing the transfer was fairly painless. I’m just a bit bummed about the non-phillips bulbs not showing up in HomeKit.

Aah! Did all other bulbs from older hub automatically transfer to the new bridge? I would then get a kit instead…

Yes, you do the “bridge transfer” in the hue app and it moves everything over. However, you have to reset the new bridge to defaults since it has bulbs already paired with it. The hue faq says those have to be manually added back in (I’ll be doing that tonight).

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FYI - if you don’t pair a dimmer with the HUE app, it will pair with ST, but it’s only recognized as a ‘Thing’. I played around with a couple device types, but none of them seemed to control the dimmer.

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I installed two newer brighter hue bulbs. They are brighter but still not bright enough or it may be because of the lamp shades I have.

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Good that it’ll pair with the ST hub. Now we just have to get a device type written. I’m not sure how that is done.

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I have 6 Cree bulbs in our living room, and it still isn’t bright enough. I’ve resolved to spend a fortune on the Light Strips Plus. I’m guessing that at 1600 lumen and no shade it should light the area fairly well.

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Yeap… Lightship plus is in my wish list and have dropped several hints to Lady Santa. :wink:

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And now installed a dimmer switch. Nice. Me likey! Impressed by their installation steps. Precise and to the point.

Not much for a device type to do with this remote, at least not unless ST makes a firmware change. The raw description is below. It’s a very similar device to the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote, although it doesn’t list support for Scenes like the Lutron. The problem is that these remotes don’t support any meaningful receiving clusters, so they don’t really listen at all (much better battery life). They are designed solely to send messages out when buttons are pressed via multicast messages, which they configure directly with the end devices. Wink and Hue must have tricked the remote into thinking the Hub was a device in order to add additional functionality options.

Raw: 01 C05E 0820 02 01 0000 05 0000 0003 0004 0006 0008

FYI: @mitchp, @JohnR and @rpress thought you might be interested.


@Sticks18 I am sure you may be referring to something I am thinking totally off and I may be wrong (most certainly).

As long as what you mean by scenes… It is very much supported… Please note this is totally out of ST context. I am using lights only but you can most certainly assign scenes. Of course I couldn’t/ didn’t try to get this in ST world.

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I meant at the Zigbee layer. The scene cluster is 0005, which isn’t listed as support by the Hue remote, but is on the Lutron.

The Hue can control one selected scene in the Hue app. In that case, the Hue software is listening to the remote and sending commands to bulbs vs the remote sending a scene command directly. Not much difference in practice, but it was one of the few differences in supported clusters.


I stand corrected, buddy! For me just needed something whereby people could turn on/off hues with ST picking up the state in the next poll and me putting switch guards on the traditional switches wherever possible (totally at loss with table lamps).

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Slight deviation! Anybody tried the lightstip plus? Is it actually bright enough boasting 1600 lumens?

Did you get it to control any bulbs directly while paired to ST? I can’t get it successfully pair with any of them now that it’s on my ST network.

Maybe I should have went with the Hue Hub and not direct connect. I wasn’t so @smart! :wink:

:wink: I keep it simple. I don’t mind using stock apps if it works. My hue integration is rock solid with ST with polling every 5 minutes which picks up the state depending upon how close I am to that polling. Zwave switches are not an option in my modest old sixties home with no neutrals. And hell ya go the @smart est way! :wink:

Have you tried binding to 0x0006 and 0x0008 out clusters to see if it will bind with the coordinator?


I had to push the red (recessed) button on the back with a pin. When you do that, it will start blinking orange again and allow you to pair with HUE hub.

The Philips dimmer plate has magnets which work well on a refrigerator. Easy to put at wheelchair/service dog/little kid height.

Dog’s eye view of my kitchen. :dog:

The tug rope is for the dog to open the door of the refrigerator. The yellow thing is a special screwtop bottle opener. (I use that, the dog doesn’t, but he can bring it to me.) The white thing is the Philips remote. At this level, we can both use it, although neither of us are very accurate with it. Can’t really use the two dimmer buttons. But we can get the light to go on or off with a couple of tries. We use echo most of the time, but the Philips remote is another option. :sunglasses:



FYI - Best Buy is now listing the Dimmer + White bulb kit for $35.00 on their website.

It’s not available for shipping and shows no pickup available in my area, but if that price holds, it’s going to be a great deal - the switch alone goes for $25.00.

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