New person looking to buy compatible camera equipment

Hi All

Can someone point me at which camera I should buy.

I want recording without subscriptions.

As I understand it Foscam and drop cam are being integrated. The Foscams currently don’t support ht H.264 variants as I understand. the drop cam has a heinous monthly fee.

If I buy the H.264 Foscam, will it become supported after time or are the pan/tilt commands locked out?

Can I use the D-link versions of Foscams that are much prettier and slightly cheaper with better recording software?

Good luck getting an answer. I have been asking since January when I bought my Hub. Have a Foscam FI9821w-v2 and wish I could integrate it somehow with Smartthings. It’s always been “It’s coming… soon”

Coming soon I can deal with - as long as it is “coming soon”. Since I’m just starting out purchasing hardware I can deal with it being on the roadmap, but if it’s locked out due to the commands protocol then that’s something different.

Well I went with the FI9831W. So there’s someone else in the same boat as you now; waiting for “soon”. :slight_smile:

Hi there. We have Foscam and Dropcam in our own homes and have been testing them for several months. Cameras aren’t like some of the other devices as there are more interface modifications required. I cannot say when these will be released but I can say we nearly released the Dropcam support in February and then again last week. We are very close.

Maybe @urman or @adamlanners can comment on the exact Foscam models, I know there are a few and some are further along than others.

Thanks for responding.

Also I saw you saw this post:

It will get easier to integrate those cameras but that is one way to move forward now.


Thanks Ben, I tried to do some searching. I read conflicting stuff as to if the H.264 based cameras are controlled yet.

Yes, thanks for the update Ben. Understand these cameras are tough to setup. Just keep us updated as you guys work on it

The FI9821w-v2 Foscam is a good camera to have. That is the one that I done the most testing with. In general the newer 9xxx series cameras seem to be worth the extra $ compared to their 8xxx counterparts.

Thanks for hanging in there guys. I know we are getting very close to adding Foscam support!

I have a Dropcam. I used to the Dropcam to take photo burst. However, I cannot find where the photos are stored. Is it on the SmartThings Hub, Dropcam cloud, or my cellular phone?

When you click on the photo, it brings up the browser to an amazon aws server so I would assume that is where they are located. Mine starts with the following url:

@beckwith, where do you see the first photo (from your phone, from the webpage)? I am currently completely lost, as I cannot see any photos at all from my phone or from the webpage. Thanks.


Go to things and tap the gear on your dropcam. If you have an Android you won’t see the photo carousel because of a bug. As a workaround, tap the Activity button and return and you will see the camera photos in the scrollable carousel. Tap one of the photos and it will display it in a browser where you can see the URL.

@beckwith, first of all, thanks for pointing out the step. Yes! I finally can see one photo was taken during the photo burst.
However, I (using an iPhone) still cannot go to cloud to see the rest of the pictures. I can only see one picture. When I click on the picture, it does not open any browser. Do you have any idea why? Thanks.


You should be able to swipe right to left a carousel of ten photos that are listed in your activity feed. On my Android, when I tap a photo, it brings it up in a browser which allows me to better view/manipulate the photo.

Can someone with an iPhone help?

Is Y-Cam a good option?

@Ben_Edwards do you have news on Foscam HD cameras support?

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Has any one found where the pictures taken by dropcam stored? I am using motion sensor which triggers dropcam to take pictures. Both are working well as I can confirm through logs. Going to gear icon on top right of Dropcam things… Pictures are not always updated. Sometimes they show up immediately, otherwise there is upto 5 minutes lag. Many time they are not updated at all.

Is there any way I can view past pictures on the web?

Logs shows something like this for the picture taken.

smartthings-smartsense-camera: c1383721-fd38-4c5f-b127-8f55e6380382.4c06f8991103471b84b7974387cfd980_3731456d123e447399a234ca228e2e87.jpg

Cameras seem to have been abandoned. I don’t recommend buying the Foscam.