What Other Camera's Work With ST Other Then Dropcam?


What Other Camera’s Work With ST Other Then Dropcam?
Ideally an indoor and outdoor model that triggers and records when motion is sensed


(Tim Slagle) #2

Dropcam is the only officially supported model. Search the forums and you’ll find some device types for Foscams. :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #3

Adding more cameras is a near term priority for the team and I expect progress to be reported in the coming weeks.

Mostly the integrations with Foscam and D-Link cameras we are working on, function well but the initial setup process is clunky and not up to our standards for release yet.

(Tim Slagle) #4

Good to hear! Are we already seeing the benefits of the Sammy buyout? :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #5

Greater velocity and focus, to me, is the greatest benefit of the acquisition (or maybe 2nd favorite).

(Tim Slagle) #6

This is a beautiful thing!

(Im Brian) #7

@Ben - I submitted a local Foscam device type on July 10th. Not sure if it’s just in the queue or if it’s DOA.

(Ben Edwards) #8

It is in the queue, sorry for the delays on submitted device types and apps. Should open up soon.

(Chrisb) #9

Any chance that Blink! might be supported?

Kickstarter Page

(Ben Edwards) #10

I lik the looks of the blink and it is interesting. I doubt we’ll put much effort into it until it is through its campaign and shipping. We know how those things can go :slight_smile:

(Adam Ainbinder) #11

How about the Samsung smartcam HD? Makes sense now that the acquisition is final

(Ben Edwards) #12

Yeah, it’s on the list…