Where is the IP camera support?

I want to start with, what an excelent product ST is, but one of the things that is laking is IP camera support, this is something that has been discussed as far back as Aug '13 and probably even sooner, always with a we are almost done.

I see that the new app has dropcam app going for it, but what about us ppor working men that don’t want a month service fee paired with our already expensive IP camera. Someone mentioned allowing us to attach the web stream from the cameras themselves, whatever the solution maybe it seems that 8 plus months of we are doing the finishing touches merits atleast an update that is easy to find.

-end rant-

Thank you for the great product I look forward to the Android release of the new interface.


@msanger definitely hear you about the IP cameras, The slower progress is slower than we would want as well. The one that is in the lead is Foscam - have you used that? What others would you like to see?

RE: Dropcam - you don’t need to use (or pay for) the CVR feature to use it with SmartThings.

Foscam is my preference for near term support.


Thank you for the quick reply, the customer service and attention to detail at ST has been outstanding, I look forward to contributing to make the product even better.

Now to IP cameras I do have some experince with the Foscams namely FI9821W v2 and FI8918W though I have installed those at my work, I would not be unwilling to upgrade my home video setup to Foscam if the support is there. At home my current setup is a pair of TrendNet TV-IP551 and a Dlink DCS-942L not a complicated setup by what i’ve read other have installed. But i’m sure that the shear number of compatabilities is a huge reason for the progress detractor.


I have a working device type for the basic D-Link IP cameras, like the 930L, that I’ll put up this weekend. It’s a modification of some device types that have been posted to the forums before, but corrupted by the forum software upgrade.

All the D-Link does is provide the ability to view and take snapshots - there’s no video stream capability in ST that I’m aware of. You can rig it up with sensors or events to take photos, but I don’t know if anybody has successfully gotten a pure SmartThings implementation that sends photos via email or text. The existing system only lets you browser the last 10 manual or automatic photos taken by SmartThings.


What I have done for now is power my Foscam 9821w off an outlet I control with ST. When I “arm” my ST it powers up the outlet, boots the camera up.

Have the camera set to take motion pics and email me. Also hope to see some Foscam support soon. Love ST!

I have an NVR setup with q-see cameras. Which are HD and incredibly clear! Would love to be able to integrate them into smartthings

+5 for this (3 foscam and 2 hootoo, which I think has the same “API” as foscam). Would prefer the smartthings hub to do this over LAN…

I got to sharing the D-Link device type earlier than I expected. I’ve created a new thread with it (should’ve replied as a new thread! Oh well.).

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Samsung Smartcam HD cameras PLEASE!!! (Closest Dropcam competitor)
The Samsung Smartcam HD-Outdoor camera comes out soon and it looks really cool and I am planning on buying two of these as well.

I’d like to see support for other IP camera’s much like the android app “IP Cam Viewer” supports. I am eyeing specifically Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Outdoor HD 3MP IP Bullet Security Camera as I want one in my front and back of the house.

They are all IP camera’s, so perhaps an “app” that just let us define the IP and the commands it supports, much like how the IP Cam Viewer app does it.


@egid The last updated mentioned a new tile for live video stream. I haven’t been able to get anyone to tell me how to use this title or how to even call it but my hope is it will be soon.

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I have 3 foscams (FI8918W) I would like to link to ST.

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I’ve got a Foscam 9821W v2. I love it and would be thrilled if it was integrated with SmartThings. I’m already successfully running a Hue hub, a TCP hub, a Sonos and some WeMo devices. If you need a “beta tester” for Foscam, I’d be happy to help!

I have a FOSCAM that is integrated and working. It’s slightly hacked since I had to open the port and pass the UN / PW un-secure in the URL. I know that they are currently working to make local access available in the near future.

Have we heard anything more about IP camera support? I really want to know if I go buy a new camera, that I will (eventually) be able to get it to function. I just don’t want to spend $200 on a camera to find it will not have a chance of being integrated at some point.

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Btw, this is the kind of type of camera I am eyeing. Wired, POE, but need only 2 to cover 1/3 acre of land (front and back of house) (ill just run wires in attic to soffit):


So you can still get the photo burst without the subscription? Just want to make sure I have this right.

Yes, I don’t have subscription and get photo burst.

Any idea when we might see Foscam IP cameras supported by ST?