Anyone have a working foscam FI9826W?

I am trying to add my foscam FI9826W to my smartthings hub.

Searching for foscam returns so many different versions of device code that I am lost as to which might work. I have tried a few but don’t know if my settings are wrong of if the device code just isn’t right for my device.

So I am wondering if anyone has this camera working in ST ?
If so can you share with me which device code you are using.

Also I would expect to have to use an external IP but I notice references to “hubAction” in some of the drivers. Is ST able to work in local ip’s from the hub ?

@RBoy is charging some sort of code access fee (loooong story…), but his work is getting some positive reviews and might support your requirements.


I’m just suggesting the first published solution that comes to mind and was easy to link to. There are likely a few other good ones.

If there are alternatives (free or otherwise), then the Community will point them out here, I presume. There are a good variety of contributors here.

And I think we’ll soon have a SmartApp / SmartDevice Type recommendation library, FAQs, etc…

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Let’s stay on topic. if there’s alternative suggestions on working with Foscam, please link here.

:wink: Play nice.

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I gave up and added them to my behome247 hub and I have 6 H.264 cams on it. Just switch back and forth when I want to see my cams. Best thing is I can view them on my Windows phone, iPad and Kindle. Sweet. Wish ST would work with these guys. Would love to have them all on the same screen. I am contemplating moving all of stuff over to their hub but I just can’t bring myself to doing it … Love my ST

The thought of paying for code that I have no way to test turns me off. I hate that he is doing that but I don’t know the “long story”. Everyone here shares such wonderful code and support. I also have no way to know if his stuff will work or not so how can I pay before I try.

Thanks for the suggestion but I will pass.

@pstuart might be able to assist with this : I know there was a pretty awesome integration here.


Thanks, I found that thread and actually read the whole thing :slight_smile: I started with the first code in the thread and it didn’t work, then I noticed a few more copies in the same thread by different people. That is what prompted this post. I was hoping someone had this model camera and had one of the very many copies of code I have found.

The worst part is I don’t even know what to expect from these. One says it’s only to use the camera as a motion sensor, others say you can take a picture ?

So I am testing code I don’t know if I have the correct version, I don’t know what it is supposed to do for me, and I don’t know if I configured it correctly. Too many variables to debug why it doesn’t do anything I expect.

I have the 9821W HD and I’m using the device type from @eparkerjr . It uses the internal address so you don’t have to port forward if you don’t want to


Thanks @kevintierney I will try that version.

It also depends on what you are wanting to do. AFAIK there is no working device type to enables motion detection on the camera (and send you email with pictures) when there a mode change (away, night) for the high def cameras like this one (I did not pay to get access to @RBoy code…yet…don’t know if they have it fixed). If you want to use Photo Burst based on a motion sensor or contact sensor it might work. If you get the issue where you can control the camera but not use the “take” button I would try to poke a hole in the firewall and use that just to test. If that works decide if that is a “workaround” that you are comfortable with. Use a goofy external port number for this, not 80 or 88 :smile:

actually @acastal that’s is possible, atleast tested with the FI9821 camera and from what I see with the specs of some of the HD cam’s from Foscam based on their SDK. The device type code in the thread @tgauchat pointed out does that, you can enable motion detection with a mode change (or though any smart app) and through the preferences configure it to send an email with the pictures. (note the email and server details need to be configured on the cam directly through the web interface, you can only enable/disable the features like taking snapshots, emails, sound alarm etc through the device code)

As you pointed out I too found it’s better to use a random port like 88 instead of the standard 80 which may be used by other UPnP software like Skype, Teamviewer or a webserver etc to reduce connectivity issues. So here’s an example of the ports configuration one can use to avoid conflicts yet be easy to remember:
HTTP -> 88
HTTPS -> 8888
ONVIF -> 888

Hey guys - I’m new to Smartthings, but have added other apps via the IDE using some GitHub codes. However, for some reason I can’t seem to get any of the Foscam ones to work (or any of the codes for Nest for that matter). I always get an error. Am I needing to enter any of my information into the code before submitting or something like that? I’m not an expert programmer by any means. Below is the message I received when entering the code:skp19/st_foscam_universal

No signature of method: script1435152749383289503705.metadata() is
applicable for argument types:
(script1435152749383289503705$_run_closure2) values:
Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(),
setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

it’s a smart device and not a smart app

I have Pan/Tilt working and being able to take a picture for this camera - code is here for free. I have tested this on a Foscam FI9826W. I have created a Pull Request to the original author too.

Would love to get live streaming working if I can spare some time