New Map View Feature (to visualize where devices are located in your home)

Anyone spotted the map feature in uk yet?

Nothing in the Netherlands yet

I’ve been playing around with the map view. It does make things much more intuitive vs the normal button view.
I tried uploading a floorplan, but it could not create a floorplan manually.
Creating one manually is kind of fiddly with my fingers on a phone … but with DEX on my laptop and mouse it is SO much easier. Great option!

Of course we have a larger than normal floorplan - so that does not help!



I used DEX too and it made it much easier!

Also, using my Note 10+ Stylus was very helpful too!

Map view shows on my Note 20 ultra (great option) but not on my Tab A7 Lite? Stoppod STs, cleared cache still no map icon. Any suggestions?

Check this out :slight_smile:

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That explains it! 3GB on my tablet. Thank you.


Received answer from Smartthings support - “map view” is for now US and Korea. Europe is for March 2024


This geo-locking of features makes no sense, and SmartThings does it over and over and over.

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Annoying agreed but probably more to do with privacy concerns


Most likely. Europe has data privacy laws unlike the US.


any idea what about Singapore, Asia? hope its also by Mar2024

is it possible to change the device geo location to US or Korea to trick the phone and maybe we can get the map feature?

I used to use an app called Fake GPS to spoof my phones gps location, you might give it a try.

geo restricted features in the SmartThings app are usually based on your Samsung account region, not GPS.


Not SmartThings related, but topic related. This seems to be iOS only whenever it is released, and it seems to be high end iOS devices only like the SmartThings Map view is with the 6gb RAM limitation. And I’m not seeing any of their own Amazon Fire Tablets included.

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A counter to SmartThings’ Android-only map. Love it!