Using Map View

Simple question, How do I upload an image of my floorplan to the Map View feature of Smarthings?

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S21Plus, with the latest updates. I’m in Texas.

I have scoured the Internet and this forum for an answer, tutorial or instructions and find nothing on how to actually upload an image to Map View.

this link should provide some answers:


I can appreciate the direction, however I have read that post 5 or 6 times and it gives very little instruction on the new feature (Map view).

I tried again tonight and received a message that Map View needed to be updated, so I clicked “Update”. Then I got a message staying that “Map View couldn’t download update, try again”. I did that several times, on wifi and on regular cell data. Same thing, couldn’t download update try again.

Hopefully the update will allow me to somehow upload a picture or a PDF of my floorplan, but I have to get the update to work. Map View will not open without updating.

Any suggestions?

On another note about Map View. It seems that Map View is only available on the ST app. I logged into my account online with a Windows 10 machine using Firefox and Map View was nowhere to be found or mentioned.

Since Map View was announced in Jan it has always been clearly called out what it will and wont run on.

" Users can choose to have the Map View feature activated on their TVs or mobiles, granting immediate access to important home status information."

That’s correct, but avoids the question.

I’ve been looking everywhere for info on map view on the TV. My Samsung TV has a Map View but it’s definitely not syncing with the one on my phone.

The TV version is the older version.