SmartThings iOS App Update 1.7.13 (March 25, 2024)

  • ST brand logo has changed
  • 3D map view has arrived
  • device update badge has been added

698.5 MB on iPad


Does this IOS app version support uploading maps(jpg/pdf) for Map View? I don’t see it anywhere.

it is being discussed in the map view thread:

For me at least, this update is newly enforcing a 300 device limit across all iOS devices (which I’m already way over). I had a brief period months ago when I had the limit on my iPad only but that went away quickly.

The thing is though, I get the message as soon as I hit add device so I don’t even get the option to try and add to another hub at the same location. Wasn’t the latter a supposed workaround to the device limit?

I’ve set my rooms and interiors up (a bit tedious, but doable even with fat thumbs); however, I can’t move any of the devices within the room. Has anyone been able to do that?

I am able to move devices within a room. Both iPad and iPhone. Tap and hold on the device and slide it to where you want it placed.

Note: you need to select and be be within the individual room in order to move them. It does not work when “All Devices” is selected with all the Rooms displayed.

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ok, thanks. That is painful, but I did get them to move after many tries.

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