New Map View Feature (to visualize where devices are located in your home)

Woke up this morning with a new “Home” icon in the upper-right of the SmartThings App.

Looks like a very cool feature!!! Can’t wait to give it a try!

We’ll be able to create a layout of our locations and locate our various devices visually on the map!

Clicked it, but nothing.

Read the notice below, exited the app as instructed, upon relaunch, the button is no longer there.

Anyone have success with it?

Edit: Added first image below with System Requirements


No sign of it in my apps yet. I’ve been waiting for it for ages.


Restart the app. When you select icon, app will download plugin. After that you can create layouts and add device. Nice and easy interface.
After creating room, drag and drop room name to room, and you will get all devices assigned to room placed there too


@milandjurovic71 I swear I did this a few times. Closed the running app in the Background (Android), but this time it worked! So thanks for fixing that for me :wink:


The button (little house icon in upper right) keept appearing and disappearing before I could click it. After opening and closing the app (Android) a few times, I was able to catch and click it, start making my map, and now the button seems to be persistent.

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I’m seeing the new Home ICON on all of my Samsung Android devices, but not my iPad iOS yet.

On my Galaxy Tab it appeared, then disappeared the next time I opened the SmartThings app. Then after a few app restarts, it re-appeared. Anyway, checking it out now using the bigger Tablet screen.

Came up with three ways to build the floorplan.

Take a picture of your floor plan.
Freehand draw.
Arrange rooms and walls.

I’ll going to use the third option which seems to provide an intense configuration layout.

So, I’m guessing this new feature should be synced between devices since it’s showing on the Home page…(update, it does sync between devices)

Update: Of course it uses existing rooms configurations. Unfortunately, I don’t use the rooms that way since I use rooms for different device types instead of actual rooms, like all Cameras, all Motion Sensors, all Multipurpose Sensors, all Lights, etc…


So do I. Fortunately I don’t actually use the app on a day to day basis so I can go along with the flow. I’ll just have to add a fantasy secret bunker for some of the virtual stuff.

That’s if the Map View makes it to the UK.


While I was playing with it, it allows hiding devices in the room in the device layout.

I’m not sure I’m willing to change yet. I know it’s just a brain conditioning thing, but when I’ve done it so long one way, it’s hard to consider changing, but then I would think it’s better than the favorites list…

It also supports multiple floor layouts…

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I really don’t like favourites pages. Especially when apps insist on populating them with a big tile reminding me that I can add favourites. I just feel that favourites pages should exist outside of the app to stop you having to open the app at all.

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Wow @SmartThings … just Wow!!!

I just uploaded jpg’s of floorplans that I had for 3 levels, moved some walls around, and placed the Devices in their relative location within each room.

Renamed each floor (main, upper, lower, instead of 1,2,3).

It’s REALLY Cool!!! Outstanding Job @SmartThings :clap: :clap: :clap:

I love this way of visualizing all of our devices!!!


Definitely some over eager programmers because after setting it up, when I changed the view from All Devices to just Lighting, the Home GUI shows a ‘lite glow’ for the light when it’s On! (grin)

When I tap on a Device in the Home GUI, it brings up a popup with the device’s name and the switch button so I can turn the device On/Off. I would have rather it just toggled the device On/Off when tapping on it.

Tapping on a Room shows a mini status popup showing number of the devices in that room, average temperature of devices in the room, and the number of lights on in the room.

Update 2:
Similar to the ‘lite glow’, when selecting the Temperature view, the Home GUI shows a pusdo Heat Map ‘glow’…Very nice…


Will it be coming to UK and IOS devices anyone know?

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I like it, but with the number of devices I have it’s not easy to use on a phone or even a tablet. If this was available via the My SmartThings web app, that would be awesome.


This might be available on Windows app on Galaxy laptops

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I’m able to see & use Map View on my Galaxy Note 10+ (One UI v4.1, Android v12), but the Home Icon does not appear on my Galaxy Tab A (One UI v3.1, Android v11).

Both are running SmartThings v1.8.09.23

Tried opening, then closing SmartThings in the background several times, as well as a Tablet Reboot.

I didn’t find any documentation indicating Minimum System Requirements.

Does anyone have link to System Requirements?

By/the/way… nice Map View Demo Here! I especially like the Wall Replica… makes me want to create one.


@JohnRichard I have a similar experience.

I have a Pixel 6a running Android 14 and an 8" Amazon Fire Tablet running Fire OS 7.xx (Android 9). Both are running SmartThings v1.8.09.23.

The Pixel has Map View, but the Fire Tablet doesn’t.

I have also noted that the Fire Tablet doesn’t have the “Remove Device” option under the 3 dot menu on the detail pages for devices.

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Similar thing. The Home ICON is available on my Samsung S22 (Android 13) and Samsung Tab S6 (Android 12), but it’s not on my Samsung Tab A7 Lite (Android 13). The only difference I’ve ever noticed about the Tab A7 Lite is that it runs Samsung’s ‘fragmented’ One UI Core instead of full One UI since Samsung’s Good Lock features are not available on it.

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I don’t have it on my Samsung A73 runing ONE UI5.1 with smartthings version v1.8.09.23.
Restarted phone & forced close of ST, probably wont get it here in Australia…

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Must be a really slow rollout, nothing here in the Uk as far as im aware

Might be yet another thing that starts with USA and Korea. As long as it isn’t another one that stays that way. Not that I want more bloat in the app anyway.