New Logitech Elite $199 at BB ( strings attached)

(Realy Living Dream) #1

You can get Harmony Elite for $199 for Father’s day at Best Buy, but there are strings. You need to buy a TV with it ( starting at $129 for 32" Insignia )
So might be worth it if you are in the market for a new TV. Buy Harmony Elie get a free 32" TV. I was actually looking for a new TV for CCTV monitor when I stumbled across the deal. Now to decide if I really want to upgrade to Elite or not.

(Jim) #2

What is your current Harmony remote? Maybe I can make things easier I am in the market for a Harmony remote with home hub

(Jason) #3

Looks like it’s only with insignia tvs

They are also running the 100 off elite or 50 off home (in store only) with recycling old harmony remote(excludes 350)

Thanks for drawing my attention to it I have an old ultimate 1 I inherited that I’ve been waiting for this to pop up to take advantage of. Hopefully they will price match amazon @ 269.99 then take the 100 off.


Thanks for pointing that out - I’ve been waiting for that as well, as I have a Touch with sticky keys (unlike other remotes, no way to open and clean it), and want to upgrade to the Elite anyway.

(Realy Living Dream) #5

I have the Harmony Home, but I would not be getting rid of it. I would just move it either to the bedroom or the daughter’s side of the house.
Like I said I was looking for another TV not a new Harmony, BUT if I buy Harmony ,I get free(ish) 32" TV, well …

(Jim) #6

Yeah I hear you just trying to buy a slightly used harmony then the cost would have been less for your new harmony/TV

(Realy Living Dream) #7

I got my Harmony home for $75 on Fleabay New old stock/open box/refurb. When it arrived it was still factory sealed in the original box. To be honest if not for ST integration and price I would have never gotten it.

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #8

Nah…you need to decide whether or not you actually need a 32" TV as your CCTV monitor.

…nahhhh, you do…we all totally do. lol

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #9

Cool remotes but they are awfully pricey for no more than what I use mine for.

(Realy Living Dream) #10

Well with the 16 cameras outside they do get crowded on the 20" LOL

(Bobby) #11

The trade-in deal is back at BB. You can get $100 off towards a new Elite. Users of Elite, how’s your experience? Is it worth upgrading from a Harmony Companion?

(Jason) #12

Just an FYI I found out that the $100 off only applies to the List price. They won’t price match and then take off the 100, also if it’s on sale they will only take off the difference from 100.

That said I like my elites, My wife has better luck using them with the touch screen commands and help buttons. Personally though the companion remotes are just as good imo. I have had issues with one of my elites staying connected to amazon fire, which I haven’t seen on my other elite or companion remotes.

(Bobby) #13

I have an Ultimate downstairs and a Companion upstairs. My wife always complains that cannot use the Companion because is so much different than the Ultimate. I am always complaining that the Ultimate doesn’t have the home automation buttons. So it seems that I need to get an Elite for downstairs and move the Ultimate upstairs, and the whole family will be happy…