I went to BESTBUY to pick up the Harmony Ultimate, and

(Idlemind) #1

Continuing the discussion from Logitec Harmony Ultimate:

For a limited time, they are taking most trade-ins of old remotes and giving $100 discount on purchase of new ones.

This is great for me as a long-time Harmony user. I’ll trade in my Harmony One and pick up an Ultimate today. And purchase the firmware upgrade for the remaining Hubs when it is finally available. (read the fine print)


(Ron S) #2

I didn’t trade in the old harmony one that I had for the Ultimate home and paid full price. I kept it for the bedroom instead and not getting a second ultimate home. I am not sure that I like the ultimate home as it is now! :frowning:

(Jeff DeWolfe) #3

Wish the webpage showed what remotes were eligible. I have a Harmony One that is very flaky as of late and would like to upgrade.

(Gilbert Chan) #4

Did you get it setup? Be interested in seeing how you guys use this along with all your other ‘things’.

(Ron S) #5

@thegibertchan As for me only using it as a regular A/V Remote, turn on the holiday lights, family room lights in dimming mode when watching a movie… Pretty much nothing fancy… The UI needs major work. On Harmony One, the icons, fonts etc. were so sharp and bright but on this new remote… it is really ugly (you have to see it to believe it). And it’s slow like hell. I wish I did not go by the CNET reviews. Seriously they have been recommending all faulty products these days… Take Nest… Don’t get me wrong. I like CNET but lately…

(Idlemind) #6

I was having some other issues that were brewing for a while, so I ended up redoing all my things, upgrading the firmware on all hubs and I’m getting there. All in all I have:

12 Hue lights
2 Sonos
5 WeMo switches
5 Multi-sensors (Doors/Temp)
2 Motion Sensors
6 Smart Switches
1 Harmony Ultimate

I’m still working on getting everything set up… report back later.

(Mike Northrup) #7

Looks like any Harmony except the 350 and the 650. I kept my Harmony One and brought in an old 880 as a trade in.

(Idlemind) #8

I traded in my Harmony ONE (the one with the exploded battery) I kept the charging cradle and will use it with the Working Harmony ONE (now with 2 room charging support!) I’m keeping the 2 Harmony Hubs (old ones) hoping the paid firmware upgrade will give me the same functionality as the Ultimate.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #9

Cool, good idea guys. I’ve thought about that, but with my Harmony One randomly rebooting and stuff I think it is just time for it to be replaced.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #10

I blame you guys…I went to Best Buy after work, got the $100 for my old Harmony One, and picked up a black Harmony Ultimate Home. Setting it up now. Will report in tomorrow after I get some time with it.

(Ron S) #11

Good luck guys! The ones who kept your harmony ones! Please do a side by side comparison on the screen resolution and the UI and please do post. :wink: at least logitech is doing something about their app. Released a new one October 1 for iOS 8 again which is definitely an improvement! I guess their strategy is to focus more on your smart phones rather than your remote which is just an accessory now. It’s getting a bit stable now with time for some reason.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #12

Got it all setup and working last night. I even have it working and controlling my HTPC which I couldn’t do before because the Harmony One didn’t have Bluetooth. My only complaint is that the app on the iPhone is kind of slow and imo that slowed down how long it took to set everything up. Other than that, no complaints. Super easy to add to SmartThings. Just need to set up some actions now.

(Idlemind) #13

I got mine working… it was able to import all my configs from the older Harmony devices, it found my SmartThings and I’m setting up some actions now.

I modified my simple CABLE TV (Quiet) action, to include turning all other lights and switches off; and my CABLE TV (Surround) to dim the room lights and turn on the accent lights.

Also when there is no movement in the Living room for 90 minutes, the entertainment center turns off. I’m looking forward to what other ideas are out there.

The only bad thing I can think of is, the NEW Harmony APP disabled the OLD Harmony APP (Harmony Link) so I’m using my remaining Harmony ONE in the bedroom instead of the hub that was previously in use. I hope the firmware comes out soon…

(Naris) #14

I went to Best Buy and traded in my $30 logitech harmony remote and got the $100 off! AWESOME


This is tempting but I hate how they put the transport controls at the very top of the remote. Seems very non user-friendly.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #16

Yeah… that is just stupid dumb. When watching TiVo’d shows (99% of the time) I use those controls every 6 minutes or so. It was actually a deal breaker for me and went back to the original TiVo remote when I am watching it.

(Ron S) #17

I got these ultimate homes on the day of its release, cursed it, loved it, hated it and the irony is that I have not played too much with it. The remote in itself is like million light years behind even the Harmony one. Just look at the button placements, the feel, the quality, the sexiness, the resolution…yet to do simple things I want to do …but they are far superior and less than the 349 mark.

I come back from work everyday and pray to lord, please let the inputs be the correct inputs and may the watch tv come on and may I be able to shut it off. The favorites screen needs magnifying glasses and the the dimmed buttons requires me to keep a flashlight handy! And the best of all one helmet handy when my wife want to bong me on my head when things go haywire. Besides that it is a decent product which looks like a Panasonic phone… Hehehehe!


Looks like this promotion ended, as I just called Best Buy and they said it was over a couple weeks ago. I wanted to trade in my Harmony One for a Harmony Ultimate Home. :frowning:

(Mark Hochstein) #19

It’s back on!

From their blog post: http://blog.logitech.com/2014/12/27/harmony-recycle-and-save/

This time of year is all about out with the old and in with the new, right? Say goodbye to the old and start the New Year right with an upgrade to your smart home.

Now through January 31st, 2015, current Logitech Harmony users can visit their local Best Buy store to recycle most old Harmony products in exchange for $100 towards a new Harmony Ultimate Home or $50 towards a Harmony Home Control.

Ushering in a new year of tech has never been easier. Just bring your old Harmony product (except the Harmony 350) to the customer service desk at your local Best Buy between December 28th to January 31st. You’ll get a coupon to redeem when you purchase a new Harmony Home Ultimate or a Harmony Home Control (white version only), only valid in store and limit to one per customer.

Best Buy will recycle the old remotes so you can reduce clutter in your home, reduce waste in the world and get started with smart home control or living room mastery all in one trip.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Best Buy for the Recycle and Save Program*.

*Recycle and Save Program is valid in the United States of America only.

(Mike Maxwell) #20

One word… Don’tDoIt

Before pulling the trigger on this, I suggest you spend some time here:
And here: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Harmony-Home-Control-Experience/bd-p/harmonyexp
If you’re still all thinking this is the greatest, make sure you read all the fun going on with the Harmony/ST integration on this forum.

If you’re still all hot and bothered about this thing, then go for it.

A few other tidbits, this remote (and everything after and including the one) are the slowest IR remotes on the planet, this has not changed, and isn’t going to.