Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home

(Jason) #1

Scored a Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home @ Best Buy today at zip: 58103 for $104.99 + Tax.

I checked online and it’s still showing up at the regular price, so YMMV.

(Marc) #2

wow that is cheap. Looks like they are phasing them out, only one store by me has them and it’s full price like you mentioned. I think the Harmony Elite has taken it’s place.

(Jason) #3

Yeah, the elite is the newer model.
The biggest differences that I know of is the Newer Elite model has

  • Dedicated physical home automation buttons like the home control(now harmony companion)

  • The placement of the screen on the top of the remote on the Elite is more preferable to me

but for the price I couldn’t pass it up!

(Marc) #4

Nice. So you can’t dedicate buttons on this remote to HA devices?

(Jason) #5

I’m not sure if it lets you map HA devices to any button, or if this functionality isn’t available on this remote, but it definitely doesn’t have the dedicated buttons for it.

(Marc) #6

I have the companion remote, which I can map 4 buttons to HA actions. On this remote, it looks like you just can do it on the touch screen. I regret not getting a backlit remote for bedroom as it’s dark sometimes and I can’t see the buttons. If I can get this for $104 like you did, I would buy it and move my companion remote to my kid’s playroom.

(Realy Living Dream) #7

I would almost have to think that was a mistake on the part of a store employee. They were supposed to mark down the Harmony Home and instead marked down the Harmony Ultimate Home. I would grab every one they had . Of course even if it was a store mistake they have to sell it to you at the marked price.

(Marc) #8

I called one of my local Best Buy and unfortunately, they only had a floor model to sell me.

(fightingmajor) #9

Probably not a mistake, just clearing out inventory. There are no stores in a 250 mile radius from me that even have those in stock. Just an old model going away.

(Jason) #10

AFAIK they only had the one (at least on the shelf) [quote=“fightingmajor, post:9, topic:45926”]
Just an old model going away.

I agree.

(Cathy) #11

This deal is still valid! I just ordered one for store pick up at the $104.99 price. I’m in NJ and went to the East Hanover store.


Did u order online or over phone. Online it shows 349

(Cathy) #13

I went to BB store. But, I heard that people were able to call their local store and get the $104.99 deal.

Here’s the Model and the BB SKU: Model: 915-000237 SKU: 8203175

(Terry) #14

Best Buy has the Harmony Ultimate at $149, $200 off.

(Herman Galindo) #15

Picked one out at that price. Thank.