Harmony Smart Control 1/2 Off Best Buy Deal of the Day/Amazon


That is a great deal…I absolutely love mine, great upgrade from my many years of IR Harmony remotes.

Lame can only pick up at local store which none near me have it. Totally wanted to buy it though. Bummer.

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No more pricematch from Amazon either :cry:

You can get it for that price for the refurbished version on Amazon…

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You can get Refurbs / NOS on Fleabay for $70 any day.

But Amazon is easier to work w/on returns/credits. :slight_smile:

I bought one and then set it up and loved it. Then i went to buy two more and it sold out in my area as well. Grr sorry guys

Well that didn’t last long!

I love the Harmony Hub. I got mine from Best Buy back at the end of November on sale for $59.99.

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