Cannot pair Kwikset 914 with Smartthings

Cannot pair Kwikset 914 Smart Lock with Smartthings hub. Tried exclusion and still no dice. Any other advice? Honestly, since the new app has came out I’ve had so much trouble with pairing anything, although I usually get it. This one may as well be a padlock for all intents and purposes.

Zwave of Zigbee? I was having trouble with a Zwave 910 and contacted support. After may attempts to troubleshot, they suggested that is was the lock. I returned and replaced with a Zigbee model and it has been working fine.

I agree. I have 2 of those locks w/Zigbee and they’re working great as well.

I use 4 of those with z-wave and they work fine. In the past when moving or installing I have had to do the factory reset more than once to get it paired, but afterwards they’re trouble free.

ensure the radio daughter-card is actually installed in the lock - I’ve seen instances where the card is either missing completely or is not properly seated.

I have multiple kwikset z-wave locks and all work perfectly.

Thanks for the info! It is Z-Wave. I’ll try a factory reset and check the radio board connection. If anybody needs me, I’ll be off googling how to reset that thing and find the radio board :slight_smile: :grin:

With the Kwikset, do a full factory reset procedure of the lock itself (page 4 linked below), that will reset the z-wave module as well. From there, then try to join.

Another tip, be mindful of the range from the lock to the hub - I had some range issues when I just had one or two devices due to lack of repeaters. I know have 80~ or so physical devices so I have repeaters all over the place and no longer have that problem.