New Kwikset 910 Deadbolt Not Working

Hi all, I’m a homebuilder and we include a ST hub with everyone home we build/sell. We also include the Kwikset 910 Deadbolt (Zigbee). Recently, the supplier I get the deadbolts from let me know that Kwikset upgraded this product and has fully discontinued the older version. Here are pics of the older version and here are pics of the newer version.

The problem I’m having is the newer version will NOT pair with ST no matter what I try, and believe me I’ve tried everything. But when I try pairing the older version under the same conditions it pairs up right away no problem. It appears to me as though something Kwikset messed with in the newer version has stopped it from being compatible with ST. My supplier said the newer version “…has an upgraded 1.2 radio, but it will still work with the 1.0 radio.”

Anyone noticing the same thing or have any suggestions? We really need to get this newer version compatible with ST again so I don’t have an issue with homeowners complaining they can’t pair the product with their hub.


Does the new one actually have the ‘Zigbee’ logo anywhere on the box? I noticed the old one does but the new one doesn’t in the pictures you provided.

Wow, great eye…I never noticed that small difference. Now that I know to look for it, I have found a THIRD version of the product in my stockpile! It’s odd because I buy all of these through the same source ( and I purchase the same product every time just in different finishes, so I’m not sure why one would have the Home Connect Zigbee sticker on the top left and one would not.

Anyways, here’s the THIRD version of the product. And here are all three fronts side-by-side. You’ll notice the third version DOES have the zigbee sticker even though the other one that’s in the new box style does NOT. I’ll have to try pairing this third version (the one in the new box WITH the zigbee sticker) and see if that pairs. If it does, then perhaps HomeControls just sent me the wrong product now and then. Most of the ones I have in my stock have the zigbee sticker.

I’ll reply later when I get more info on this. Thanks!

there are zigbee and zwave and neither versions

So some can still be a “Home Connect” Kwikset Smartcode deadbolt but not be either Zwave or Zigbee? Because even the “new version” I referenced in the first post has a whole side panel on the box talking about Home Connect. It just does’t specify whether it’s Zwave, Zigbee, or neither.

This one is definitely not compatible:

The C4 HA1.0 means that it’s the ZigBee Home Automation 1.0 lock for Control4. SmartThings uses the HA 1.2 version with the regular ZigBee logo.

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Hey Tyler, yep, that was it! I just heard the same thing from my rep at where we buy these. It appears as though they accidentally sent a few of these “C4” designated versions to us. Thanks!