Kwikset 910 Deadbolt not responding to ST

I have a Kwikset 910 deadbolt lock that is not responding to my ST hub, reports locked all of the time. I have exclude/ re-include it, reset the lock, rebooted the hub, changed the batteries in the door lock, even repaired my Z-wave network. I have also noticed that the red led on the Kwikset (the one under the cover) flashes each time I send a command. That tells me that it is seeing my hub with no problems. It just not responding to my hub. The lock can operate with no issues when using the keyboard. Can anyone help me to figure it out please. Thank you.

Could it be a range issue? How far is the lock from your hub? Try adding few repeaters along the way to see if that will help.

I have the same lock in my house and it’s 30 feet away from the HUB but I have switches along the way that probably help with the signal repeating.

Thank you for responding, I have the lock within 1 feet from the ST hub. Due that I haven’t install it in the actual door yet. I wanted to make sure it works properly before doing so.