Kwikset 910 Traditional Deadbolt w/ Zigbee and UK ST

Hello everybody, I’m planning to order a Kwikset 910 traditional deadbolt with Zigbee which is compatible wit the US version of ST, but was wondering if it will work with the UK version? I assume it will because they will both communicate over Zigbee not Z-Wave, but would like to hear from an expert :smile:


It should work in the UK also. The reason we don’t list compatibility in the UK with those locks is that they’re not sold in the UK or Europe. When we went to test the locks that are available in the UK we also found that the locking mechanisms themselves are often different, which is why you end up with locks like this.

TLDR ; Should work!

Awesome, Thanks @Tyler… glad to know that it’s technically compatible!

P.S. i spammed you on another discussion with the same question, so no need to reply! lol

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