Kwikset 910 deadbolt won't respond to keypad or ST

I’ve been through the already existing topics, as well as Googled for an answer. I have had my Kwikset 910 deadbolt (Z-wave) for several years now. Got it originally with an Iris hub. It has worked fine on both the Iris and now my ST hub. Until recently. A few months ago I came home and tried to use the keypad to open and it just beeped at me. I figured it had lost my code, which had happened one other time after an update to the hub (Iris). I deleted it and readded it to my ST and it started working again. Has worked fine until a few weeks ago, when the same thing happened. However this time, I have not been able to get it working again. I have tried:

Removing it from ST, readding.
Removing it from ST, factory resetting the lock, readding and following the “handling” process.
Z-Wave repair.

None of these are working. The lock is getting the signal but the lock is not turning the bolt. Should I just assume the motor died since the keypad doesn’t work either? It won’t let me program codes, when I do the factory reset and it’s supposed to lock/unlock to orient, it doesn’t, but it beeps and the LED turns from red to green like it was successful.

Any help is appreciated. I’m ready to just replace the damned thing and save myself further aggravation.

If resettings the lock doesn’t work it’s possible that the electronics have failed. You can try a new battery just in case it may be related. The life of a Kiwkset is typically a few years based on the reports from folks on this forum. Yale and Schlage make excellent options at a similar price point and you can often find deal on them on sites like Home Depot @jkp