New iris contact sensor model? (-L2)

There have been reports of the L2 not pairing…:roll_eyes:


OMG… Look on the iris website. There are 2 sensors. Look at the pic of the website. How are you supposed to ensure you get the right model?
You can’t because it doesn’t matter!!! You don’t think that the Lowes website is wrong? Yeah cause they never get anything wrong in their listing. Cause the z wave plus switch has Bluetooth, that is if you believed the Lowes website till they finally corrected it. I give up.

Title says, “New iris contact sensor model?”…There’s 3 sensors. 2 that look exactly the same but the newer one is known to have issues with SmartThings.

We all are wrong sometimes but knowing when to admit and move on speaks volumes.

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No there is not. Look at the iris website I linked to. There are two. Think you better save that humble pie for yourself there chief.

Pie was good, thank you.
Whenever you look at a zigbee device, just make sure that it says ZHA 1.2 compatibile. That’s the universal protocol that works with everything, including Smartthings.

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Lowe’s did release a new line of their Iris models at the beginning of 2018. The new models have the same primary model number, but the suffix has changed from a plain “L” to “L2”

According to the user guide in the box, the new models are certified for ZHA 1.2, but even so, there have been multiple reports in the forums for the last few months of people who have had some problems getting the -L2 suffix ones to pair. However, once they did pair they appeared to work fine.

I believe the first discussion here of the new models was in the following thread in January:

The differences are most visible for the key fob, where the icons are different:

But there are some cosmetic differences in the cases for several of the others, which so far definitely include the button, the smart plug, the motion sensor, and the contact sensor. I’m not sure about the keypad.

The new line has been officially acknowledged by Lowes support in multiple channels, including on their Twitter feed:


So this is definitely a new line, But Lowes themselves are being coy about what the differences are. Typically when a home automation company keeps the same primary model number, it means the FCC license hasn’t changed. Which should mean it’s a firmware difference for a feature they aren’t ready to release yet. Maybe something to do with their new pro monitoring. But we’ll see.

As far as telling them apart, that’s what model numbers are for. :sunglasses:


Where did you get that?
I went to Lowes and looked at them. Box doesn,t say anything about ZHA 1.2 for the new models, but it does say it for the older ones. Also, web site says not compatible with Smartthings. I would very much doubt this certification.

It’s on the user guide which is inside the box Along with the FCC certification.

I wasnt referencing the original square sensors, that’s why both links in my original post are for Model # 3320-L2 and Model # 3320-L.

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Regarding the “works with SmartThings” designation, after talking with Lowes support it’s my belief that they mean “certified by SmartThings to work with SmartThings out of the box with no IDE changes required.” In which case it’s “yes” for the -L models and “no” for the -L2 models.

While it may just be a fingerprint issue, it’s something that could make a difference to mass market consumers looking for plug and play devices. As well as falling under “truth in advertising” laws in the US since there is an official ST “works with” program list and only the -L models are on it.

So I think viewed from that angle, the Lowes website specifications are accurate for both models as of this writing.


I too was wondering what the difference between the models were.

  1. Item # 877639 Model # 3320-L2 -> $24.99
  2. Item # 690400 Model # 3320-L -> $19.99

For what it’s worth, I bought 1) and it worked perfectly with my Smartthings hub. The box says 2017 on it.
The reviews for 2) say it works with Smartthings so I think it is safe to buy those since they are cheaper.


Lowe’s now have Iris Indoor Door And Window Sensor version 3 on sale. The model number is 3320-L2. Can this now be pairing with ST? Thank you.

I also need to know if this L2 version on sale at Lowes will pair with SmartThings - buying as a gift to be used with a ST hub. I see some reviews on Lowes site saying that it does work with ST, and there is a Q&A answer from Iris support saying that the only difference between this and earlier version is packaging, so it seems like a fair bet, but this will be a gift, and I’m sure the sensors from MyDigitalDiscount will go on sale sometime before Christmas. However, based on frakman1’s reply above I may just go for this.

I read someone from facebook just picked few and tested. He confirmed L2 currently works with ST.

Thanks, I would order these from Lowes, but Parcel Shipping is not available and there are not enough in stock in stores.

I received my order of 5 L2 sensor today. They are in the new packaging with new item number on the box. Other than that, it is exactly the same as the L version as it shows on the label on the sensor. I have 6 of the L version and now 5 the “L2”. There is no issue in pairing to ST v2 hub with any of them.

I got my 10 and all paired well.

I searched a bit but couldn’t find…
-do these have connections for external switch?
-anyone have these in a refrigerator or freezer, how is battery life?

They do not

Many do including myself. Battery has lasted many months for me so no issues.