New iPhone and ST Classic App Prepairation


I searched the forum but can’t find anything recent or relevant on what to do in preparation for the purchase of a new iPhone and ST Classic.

I have no issues with ST, everything is fine and I use my iPhone as a presence sensor. My phone is starting to have issues and I will be getting a new one shortly. What do I need to do (or not do) in order to insure a smooth transition to the new phone? I backup to iCloud nightly and plan to use the restore function. Does anyone know what else I need to do?

Thanks, Bill

Delete the presence sensor for the old phone. Install the st Classic app on the new phone, sign in as New to SmartThings, create the presence sensor and you are set. Reassign it to any routines or webcore pistons.

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Would it be better to delete the existing presence sensor last? That way you can go through the “SmartApps” tab for that device to transfer all existing automations to the new presence sensor.

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Either way works…

Choice is good :slight_smile:

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If I recall correctly, I have never had to delete the iPhone ST Classic App Presence sensor from ST when changing phones.

I always perform a full, encrypted, iPhone backup using iTunes on my desktop computer. Then, I restore that backup to the new phone and everything just works. Again, it’s been a while… but I have gone through a few iPhones since I started using SmartThings and I never recall having to recreate the presence sensor.

Or, maybe I am just not recalling it??? :thinking:

The full, encrypted backup in iTunes restores all of your app passwords as well, meaning most apps just work. This is very helpful with email accounts as well.

Thank you all for of the help. I’m thinking I’ll try restore and go from there…

For what it’s worth, I performed a restore on my new iPhone and had to setup the new one as my location sensor. I also had to edit any routines that had it associated with them.
That’s it!