Moving from Android to iPhone

I’m about to dip my feet back into the ST waters. I currently have an Android phone but will be getting an iPhone in a few months. Will I need to recreate everything when I switch phones or by simply logging into my account the move will be transparent?


All you need to do is delete your Mobile Presence device from the Things page. If it’s tied into any automations you’ll need to deselect that device from the automations or remove them. When you sign into the SmartThings app everything will still be there. Click the plus on the Dashboard, select Presence Sensors, then Mobile Phone, then click Connect to add your new phone as a presence sensor.

Thanks - since I’m going to buy, anyone want to take advantage of the referral program with me?

I mean… if you’re going to offer like that.

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Turns out it’s new customers only - I was a ST customer very early on. Sorry

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Sorry to hear you’re leaving the Android family… :wink:


Just goes to show how much you really know about tech if your really comparing the Nexus 4 to iPhone 6. But make the argument if it helps you sleep at night. :wink:

It’s a joke dude, relax. You knew this was inevitable.

If someone would really want to compare to today’s tech, they wouldn’t use the Nexux 4 from 2012. The new Note 4 and Sony’s new Xperia Z3 would be more appropriate, maybe even LG’s G3, and maybe even the new Moto X.

Your choices for a device may also want to consider the overall make up of your own mobile/OS landscape at home, and if you want any level of commonality and seamless (I use that word loosely) integration with everything else you may have, assuming you do. Some folks go as far as also considering their employer’s adoption of mobility in the workplace. The car you drive could also influence your choice.