New iOS app today, still problems (Nov 2021)

Appears as if the operability issues still exist. But now instead of hiding behind errors and spinning circles, they’ve just built the errors in to the UI.

For example. Instead of getting a spinning circle for 30 seconds when trying to control a device after opening the app, the new app now gives you a pop up to tell you it’s slow to connect to the Smartthings network. The app can change STHM status instantly upon opening but can’t turn on a light for 20 seconds until the network connects. The web interface and Hone Remote app can still seem to control devices almost instantly.

Devices still go to “checking status” periodically when the app moves from background to foreground, giving lag.

Widgets running Scenes are still unreliable. If the widget opens the app to the Automations page, and the requested Scene isn’t visible on the screen, the screen fails to run.

But hey the Apple Watch app is back. I’ve noticed each time I access the app on the watch, it tells me to log in on the phone, but just wait a little bit and it suddenly appears.

And just to really confuse things, they’ve brought Routines back. But not the old Routines which are now Scenes. New Routines which were once Automations.

No matter how long I wait, the smartthings app on the apple watch is still telling me to sign in. I’ve signed out and back into the app on my iphone but still apple watch says “sign in to smartthings on your iphone”. Should have known that it wasn’t going to work, smartthings is falling behind lately.

*EDIT: A reboot of the iphone and the apple watch seemed to do the trick, the smartthings app on the apple watch is now working correctly.