Smartthings iOS App not working

Having really bad issues the past day with SmartThings on iOS. Unsure if it’s related to the new update from May 2. None of my devices will run or open, they all spin and eventually ask me to download the device controller for them to work. Then I receive an error (or worse, no notification at all). After trying to open a device, I get the spinning wheel before the cycle starts over and I’m asked to download the device controller.

I’ve already logged out and back in, and also tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Yesterday the only issue was a popup asking me to wait for a device to connect to the server before an action was completed, now it’s completely unusable. Anyone else having issues?

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Same here. Totally unusable today.

Yup, happening to me too. Any time I try to access a device it spins the wheel for about a minute, then comes up with a message that I need to download a controller. When I hit OK, the wheel starts spinning again for another minute or so then get a message " cannot load controller at this time, try again later" Seems to be happening to all devices, although I haven’t checked all 76 of them Everything seems to be working correctly though. Did all the regular stuff, reboot iPhone, reboot hub, delete and reinstall app.

Same here.

Same issue. Contacted support and the case had to be escalated to the next tier. That was about 12:30pm EST and I haven’t heard back from them yet.

Same. Stunned that ST has no automated mechanism in place to detect a widespread failure in the app. Actually, I’m not. #DumpsterFire

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I’m also having the issue. Driving me nuts.

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Same here iOS and Android (Android play studio emulator).

Seems pretty close to the way the iOS app always works for me. Ha! :slight_smile:

Update - the device controller is actually downloading now and allowing me to access/manage each device. It’s still a pain, needs to connect to the SmartThings server each time, and not working as it used to, but it’s usable. Just moved from Android to iOS so this was an unwelcome discovery.

Yes it’s back to having some functionality for me.

This outage has shown there is something in the way the app accessed the devices in the platform that is responsible for the general sluggishness of the way the iOS app operates.

Yup. The device controller is downloading now. Seems “fixed.”

It was driving me nuts when it was down.